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Electrician Timesheet Template: Log Work Hours Accurately and Grow Profits


With a flurry of field technicians, installers, and back-office staff to manage, it can be challenging for electrical companies to accurately track time.

When electrical contractors implement processes to streamline time management, such as using a timesheet template, they can accurately log work hours across the entire business, reducing burdensome data entry each pay period, while ensuring accuracy and increasing job profitability.

To help you streamline your time-tracking efforts, we’ll share our free timesheet template, which you can easily customize for your electrical shop, and explore how ServiceTitan Electrician Software optimizes business operations in the field and office.

What is an electrician timesheet template?

A timesheet template is an editable form (often digital) that enables your employees to track work hours on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Timesheet templates can include printable forms employees manually update by hand, digital forms like Microsoft Excel docs and Google Sheets, or cloud-based forms that integrate with all-in-one field service management software.

An electrician timesheet template often includes the following information:

  • Company name

  • Schedule showing each day of the week, usually in grid or calendar format

  • Start and end time

  • Regular hours

  • Overtime and weekend hours

  • PTO and vacation hours (if applicable)

  • Total hours worked in a time period

  • Notes section

  • Signature field for the employee and manager

Why you should use an electrician timesheet template

Let’s face it: Running an electrical shop is challenging enough. Using manual or outdated time-tracking procedures takes considerable time and effort, and increases the chance of human error. If you make mistakes on the administrative side, employees will quickly grow unhappy due to insufficient pay. If a field tech or installer incorrectly records their hours on a daily timesheet, it can negatively impact your margins and profitability.

You also need to be ready to respond to scheduling curveballs and last-minute changes to work orders, which complicate time tracking further. 

Current solutions for timesheet management

When it comes to time tracking, electricians have come a long way from punching a time clock at the start of the workday. In fact, many home service businesses now use timesheet templates, either physical copies or digital worksheets, to track work hours for their field technicians, management teams, and office staff.

Currently, electrical contractors track time in one of three ways:

  1. Paper timesheets employees must manually fill out

  2. Digital time tracking templates, such as Excel, or custom-build solutions

Cloud-based time tracking software, typically a feature of comprehensive field management software

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How an electrician timesheet template simplifies processes

A customizable electrician timesheet template simplifies workflows by cutting down on manual entry and reduces the chance of mistakes from human error. Our free employee timesheet template lets you easily create a customizable daily or weekly timesheet in minutes.

Power time management with ServiceTitan

Electrician shops of all sizes, from small businesses to multi-state enterprises, increasingly use field management software to work more efficiently, reduce human error, and ultimately grow their profits.

Ready to ditch the physical timecard? Read on to learn how ServiceTitan streamlines time tracking, payroll, accounting, and more.

Time tracking and payroll

ServiceTitan’s payroll and timesheet software tracks technician drive time, vendor runs, wrench time, and overtime pay. Then it automatically applies the data to each employee’s timesheet, ensuring accuracy and reducing administrative hassle. Rather than dealing with paper timesheets, employees can use the mobile app to easily clock-in from the job site.

And if your electrician business offers commission and bonus structures, you can automate ServiceTitan to apply those payments, no matter how complex.

With ServiceTitan, timesheets always update in real time, so your technicians have visibility into their own timesheets. If they spot a discrepancy, they can flag it right in the software, and at the end of a pay period, each employee can digitally sign off on their timesheet to approve its accuracy. 

QuickBooks integration

Many electrician businesses rely on QuickBooks to keep their finances in order, including tasks such as calculating payroll, invoicing customers, and managing inventory. With ServiceTitan, you can sync your existing QuickBooks account via a direct integration for even better operational efficiency.

ServiceTitan integrates with QuickBooks Online, as well as QuickBooks Desktop Premier and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. ServiceTitan uses automation to seamlessly pass data to your QuickBooks accounting software, eliminating double entry, saving time, and ensuring financials remain accurate and up to date. 

From the field, your electrician techs can easily generate invoices and purchase orders, then export them directly to QuickBooks for secure, accessible accounting.

How ServiceTitan helps electrician businesses streamline operations and boost efficiencies

Accurate time tracking and accounting prove key to running a profitable electrical contracting business. A seamless, error-free process saves considerable time, reduces duplicative entry, minimizes mistakes, and ensures you maximize revenue on every job.

ServiceTitan Electrician Software also helps you integrate every aspect of your business, including dispatching, marketing, scheduling, inventory management, and more, to maximize efficiency and boost profit. 

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