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Free Flat-Rate Electrical Price List Template: Create Fast, Accurate Estimates and Invoices


For today’s electrical contractors, flat-rate pricing templates are easier to use than old-fashioned “time and materials” pricing frameworks. But the utility of a basic flat-rate price template is limited.

Although a simple PDF or Microsoft Excel template offers a neatly formatted sheet for field and office staff to reference when building proposals and invoices, there’s no integration that makes creating proposals and invoices any easier.

Employees still need to manually transfer information from the price list to the estimate, and then from the estimate to the work order and invoice. 

This is an error-prone and time-consuming process. Every minute that techs spend preparing estimates in the truck is time they could be spending at the next job. And every minute your office staff spends paging through a pricebook is time they could be taking calls from new leads or assisting existing customers. 

As a result of these inefficient processes, it can become increasingly difficult to maintain profitability, let alone grow your business

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In this article, we’ll cover how to download and use our flat-rate electrical price list template as a short-term solution. Then, we’ll walk you through how ServiceTitan’s electrical software allows you to:

  • Easily create and manage your electrical pricebook.

  • Quickly produce estimates and invoices.

  • Improve your staff’s workflows in the office and in the field.

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How to Download and Use Our Flat-Rate Electrical Price List Template

Our printable Google Sheet template for electrical contractors consists of 2 sheets:

1) Flat Rate Pricing Calculator

The first page is a spreadsheet calculator to determine the flat rate price of each service you offer. 

It allows you to calculate job costs, add desired gross margin, markups, and discounts. And then determine 3 levels of flat rate price: 

  • Standard Price

  • Membership Price

  • After Hours Price

2) Electrical Flat Rate Schedule

The second page is the price list template for you to list all of the services you offer, broken into the most common categories for electrical work. This list can be printed or accessed digitally by field and office staff, and used during estimate and invoice creation.

To use this price list template for your electrical business, click here to open up the master template and click the "Make a Copy" button.

From there, you can save it, customize it, and begin using the calculator and price list to create your pricebook. 

The benefit of using this template is that Google Sheets are hosted in the cloud, so whenever updates are made, they can automatically be accessed digitally through a phone, tablet, or desktop. 

However, the pricing from this template will still need to be transferred manually onto estimates and invoice templates. It doesn’t offer any integration that makes those processes easier, more accurate, or more efficient. Operationally, it’s still fairly limited in its utility.

In the next section, we’ll walk through how ServiceTitan works to create a seamless experience for estimate and invoice creation.

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How ServiceTitan’s Pricebook Integration Ensures Efficient and Accurate Estimate and Invoice Delivery

To set the foundation for creating estimates, work orders, and invoices, ServiceTitan makes it easy to create and manage your electrical pricebook.

Office and Mobile Views

Your fully customizable, pre-built ServiceTitan pricebook is available to you, your techs, and your office staff via laptops or desktop computers in the office and on mobile devices via the ServiceTitan app for iOS and Android devices. 

Here’s an example of a pricebook in the office view. It shows equipment images, model numbers, descriptions, and prices. It also allows you to link materials and sold hours to each item in your pricebook which saves time on job costing and accounting. 

This information, along with upgrades, warranty descriptions, employee bonuses, and more can be added or customized ahead of time, so all the information is ready for techs to view and share when they’re out on a job.

Real-Time Access to Product Catalogs

ServiceTitan provides editing capabilities that make maintaining and updating your pricebook easy. You can edit individual items of services, materials or equipment with ease:

Or, you can use our bulk editing features. Instead of editing your price list line by line in a Google Doc or Excel spreadsheet, you can apply changes across your entire pricebook with a few clicks. Changes are effective immediately, reflected through our desktop and mobile apps so that any estimates created by field techs or office staff have the updated pricing.

With our Pricebook Pro add-on, you can integrate with catalogs from top industry suppliers to create a visual pricebook with the latest prices, images, and descriptions of equipment. This ensures accurate pricing of estimates, and also works as a sales enablement tool.

Pricebook Pro users also get access to Pricebook Connect which allows you to:

  • See what new content is available to add to your pricebook.

  • See the categories and subcategories where new items can be found.

  • Easily add new items to your account.

Note: By Q1 of 2022, we’ll launch Auto-Updates and Dynamic Pricing features that will automate pricebook management even further.

Service Packages and Price Templates for Common Electrical Jobs

After you’ve selected your products, added descriptions and other details, and taken labor costs and material costs into account to determine pricing, you can start bundling common products and services into packages. 

Note: Need help calculating your labor rate? We’ve created a free labor rate calculator for you to use. 

Unlike most pricebook software solutions, ServiceTitan allows contractors to create service packages and templates in the office. This makes it easy for techs to quickly and accurately create proposals for common job types on the fly. 

Fully Searchable Electrical Price Lists

ServiceTitan’s pricebook is fully searchable in any data field. This allows electricians in the field to quickly find parts and materials by searching on a light fixture model number, for instance, or by using keyword searches for more general terms like “circuit breaker” or “electrical wiring” to call up a range of options. 

If techs want to view more detailed specs on a particular item, they can click on the name to reveal complete descriptions and close-up photos. This saves time in two ways: it ensures that techs select the right parts, and it eliminates the need to call the office for verifications and approvals.

Creating Electrical Estimates and Proposals

The words “estimates” and “proposals” tend to be used interchangeably in the trades, but ServiceTitan distinguishes between them to offer more functionality. 

To use a restaurant analogy, think of estimates as items on a menu, and think of a proposal as the menu itself. 

You can create estimate templates to bundle services, equipment, and materials that are frequently used together. Then, you can go one step further to bundle those estimate templates into proposal templates, which allows you to present customers with a range of choices.

Presenting “Good Better Best” Options

One of the most common ways to present choices is for an estimator to give clients a “Good Better Best” proposal, as shown above. 

This allows you to educate clients about their options and empower them to make the choice that’s best for them — while also increasing average ticket prices.

Mobile App View: What Techs See

Techs can quickly and easily prepare proposals on site via the ServiceTitan app on their iPad, Android, iPhone, or other iOS device. 

Here’s an example of the mobile view:

By clicking on a proposal template, they can review the details of each estimate it contains. They can use their judgement to determine if they should add, remove, or substitute estimates within the proposal to better serve the customer’s needs.

What Clients See: Attractive, Modern Cost Estimate Presentation

The end result is an attractive proposal that typically takes less than five minutes for techs to prepare. 

Sleek photo and video presentations help inform clients and close sales.  

After the tech has prepared and reviewed their proposal, they’re ready to present it to the client. Many ServiceTitan users show customers a total project cost for each estimate while concealing the individual line items on the price sheet, but you can include detailed price breakdowns if you choose.

Financing Options

ServiceTitan’s financing partners offer options that make it easy to arrange financing in real time. Customers can determine their up front cost and fill out a loan application almost instantaneously within the app.

Using Estimates to Create Invoices

When a client selects an option and e-signs the work order, ServiceTitan saves the information and automatically uses the data from estimates and proposals to pre-populate an invoice for the customer. 

Your techs or office staff can make corrections to the final invoice if unexpected issues arise during the service call, but in most cases the invoice is prepared instantaneously. This saves time and helps ensure accuracy.

Conclusion: Improve Staff Workflows with Streamlined Electrical Price Lists, Estimates, and Invoicing

ServiceTitan automates many of the “cut and paste” or handwritten tasks that have been traditionally used to create estimates and invoices, which saves time and reduces common errors that lead to losses in revenue. 

By seamlessly connecting your pricebook to estimate and invoice creation, ServiceTitan eliminates inefficiencies and increases profits by helping your team sell more effectively.

Switching to ServiceTitan typically increases our clients’ revenues by an average of 21% in their first two years. Want to see how? Schedule a call for a free product tour and see ServiceTitan in action.