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Pantheon Live 2023: Beautiful Things Are Born Out Of Adversity

September 19, 2023

Episode Overview

The trade industry calls for hard work and resolve. Success involves going down the path of creating a company as well as sustaining the business by being able to overcome obstacles and pivot.

Friends and industry collaborators Brianna Skiffington (Chief Product Officer of Ad Leverage) and Amanda Triolo (CEO of Grasshopper Heating & Cooling) have both faced stumbling blocks and managed to navigate around them.

Triolo candidly notes that before her current company found success, she stared into the jaws of bankruptcy several times with other business ventures.

“I think beautiful things are born out of adversity,” she says. “You can be a victim of adversity…or you can take it and learn from it and become something great.”

Triolo certainly doesn’t wish for another Covid situation. But while that horrible ordeal shuttered a lot of businesses it also provided others with valuable lessons. 

“People can use trials as triumphs in their lives,” she says. “Good can come out of anything bad if you shift your perspective and take a hurdle and pivot when you need to.”

It’s all about maintaining a positive mindset. Both Triolo and Skiffington believe that people generally respect humility. And each agrees that competition is healthy. 

“We’re constantly in the same mindset of competing to win at marketing, at home services, whatever the challenge is in front of (us),” Skiffington says.

One field of competition today: technology. It’s ever-changing and Skiffington says staying on top of things like artificial intelligence (AI) will pay dividends. 

“I’m so interested in leveraging ChatGPT, for example, because of the ways in which you can utilize your time more effectively,” she says. 

Brianna Skiffington and Amanda Triolo recently joined ServiceTitan’s Jackie Aubel at ServiceTitan’s 2023 Pantheon conference in Orlando for a podcast, which included their thoughts on:

  • (1:45) Pivoting from commercial services and financial hurdles

  • (4:16) Beauty born from adversity

  • (10:51) The secret to a well-oiled trades and marketing marriage 

  • (15:28) Taking in the full Pantheon 2023 experience 

  • (23:50) Not picturing the trades as one-size-fits-all

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