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The Four Daily Habits of ServiceTitan Champions

July 19, 2022

Episode Overview

Mike Marcil is among the upper echelons of experts skilled in all facets of the ServiceTitan platform. He shares that expertise on a daily basis as a software coach at Nexstar Network

As a ServiceTitan Certified Provider, Marcil helps contractors get the most out of their software, leverage the technology and build incredible businesses.

“As a Nexstar software coach, my vision is to take the business coaching and the training that we provide and supercharge what ServiceTitan members are getting,” Marcil says.

He shows trade companies how to take a deep dive with ServiceTitan’s powerful tech tools.

“First and foremost, I'm looking at business units,” he says. “I'm looking at job types. I'm looking at tags. And I'm looking at memberships. This gives me a solid grasp of what to expect reporting-wise, so I can help people focus on the Nexstar KPIs. I'm going to try and predict what the data outcome's going to be—so we can start molding that into what we need it to be.”

Trends come and go. Market forces ebb and flow. Marcil says businesses that get over the fear of change are the ones that will prosper more quickly. 

“Change is the one consistent thing in all these journeys,” he says. “Yet, it’s the thing we're all afraid of, right? People like to stay in their comfort zone. If you take a minute to think about where you’re at now, compared to however many years ago, you’ll come to the helpful conclusion that the world changes all the time.”

It comes down to a simple maxim, Marcil says: “Evolve or die.”

Companies need to be proactive instead of reactive. And approach tasks with a clear mind. Marcil coaches companies to focus on four areas in ServiceTitan where data can quickly become unmanageable: The job tray. Purchase orders. Accounting. Sales.

“The most successful members make the commitment to hire or promote somebody to be a ServiceTitan champion,” he says. “You really need somebody that embraces the software, because it is a living software. It's always changing. ServiceTitan has always made good on its promises to listen to customers and keep updating and improving it. And, you also need somebody in your business to champion that.”

Mike Marcil recently joined ServiceTitan’s Jackie Aubel as part of Season 6 of the “Toolbox for the Trades” podcast, which included Marcil’s thoughts on:

  • His own journey from HVAC sales to trainer.

  • Nexstar’s partnership with ServiceTitan.

  • Why change in the industry is a good thing.

  • Daily habits that augment your potential with ServiceTitan’s software.

  • Using ServiceTitan for every company process.

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