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The Devil’s in the Data: Getting Smart in HVAC Home Service Technology

March 21, 2023

Episode Overview

Believe it or not: Home service contractors can have immediate, year-round access to real-time HVAC maintenance data at the push of a button. Indeed, that’s a cutting-edge service created by founder and CEO Josh Teekell that’s available now. By integrating user-friendly sensors with forward-thinking software, Teekell and company are actively changing the home service playing field.

Teekell, who partners with ServiceTitan, says the reason he built the platform was all about giving HVAC and plumbing contractors another way to acquire and retain customer relationships.

He did research into what existed in the past in the fault-detection space.

“It became evident everyone understood the value of being able to have that remote visibility,” Teekell says. “But it just hadn't been done in a way that was scalable at a price point that made sense, with an install that didn't take a couple of hours.”

Using maintenance agreements to grow business is an old-school, tried-and-true methodology, he says. 

“But how do we bring technology into that equation to allow contractors to push that angle more?” Teekell asks. 

With a platform that offers Smart Maintenance®.

Teekell maintains that homeowners don’t think about air conditioning on a regular basis–until the day the system breaks. 

“On that day, they really, really do care,” he says. “We can give them the tools to be able to take care of that problem proactively. The platform allows the homeowner to have value all year long.”

Traditionally, maintenance agreements are in play and offer value two or three days a year, Teekell says.

“We have 365 days of monitoring and monthly reports of the health of the system,” he says. “It puts the brand of our partner front and center more often. And gives that customer that understanding that they're receiving value all year long.”

Josh Teekell recently joined ServiceTitan’s Jackie Aubel as part of Season 8 of the “Toolbox for the Trades” podcast, which included Teekell’s thoughts on:

  • (2:58) How performance data feedback reinforces customer relationships

  • (10:11) Why proactive maintenance equals more conversions

  • (22:39) Reinforcing traditional strategies with data tools 

  • (24:07) The importance of knowing your own numbers

  • (27:27) Integrating the SmartAC and ServiceTitan platforms

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