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How CSRs and Techs Create The Right Buying Environment for Your Customer

June 18, 2024

Episode Overview

Whether he’s running an endurance race or helping trade companies increase sales, Brigham Dickinson says he’s not out to win, but out to build winning relationships. 

“Winning is not necessarily what fulfills us,” says Dickinson, president and founder of Power Selling Pros. “What fulfills us is the people that we bring with us to the finish line.”

That doesn’t mean he isn’t motivated to help trade companies with low conversion rates and poor customer service experiences get better. Rather, he’s highly dedicated to creating team and customer alignment that leads to more bookings.

“Every call that comes in is an opportunity,” Dickinson says.

Whether you’re a CSR or a technician, you’ve got to believe in your product and be able to display unwavering confidence, he says.

However, that doesn’t mean CSRs and techs should be in the mindset to just sell, sell, sell. 

“But if you have the right environment, an environment of safety, comfort and fun, you're going to have a customer that hangs out with you for a while,” Dickinson says.

He points to a lesson that can be learned from Dr. Seuss's children’s book Green Eggs and Ham. The main character, Sam-I-Am, is sure his “client” will like green eggs and ham. He unceasingly offers scenarios for eating them. In the end, Sam-I-Am makes the sale and even receives gratitude for the introduction to the dish. 

Yes, Sam-I-Am was persistent. He also created a relationship that allowed him to stay in a conversation. 

“You have to have the right mindset and own the process,” Dickinson says.

Brigham Dickinson recently joined ServiceTitan’s Jackie Aubel on the “Toolbox for the Trades” podcast, which included Dickinson’s thoughts on:

  • [17:01] How companies can increase their call conversions

  • [27:01] How CSRs can master the pattern of excellence

  • [33:41] Exciting technology available today

  • [35:36] Why technicians need to have soft-skills training

  • [40:28] Creating a buying environment

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