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Welcome to ServiceTitan’s Commercial Playbook—an aggregation of best practices from across the industry, written purposely for your Commercial business. In this playbook, you’ll learn all the key tips and tricks (what we call “best practices”) needed to take your business to the next level.


Recurring Service Types

Recurring services are regular service visits that are typically included with Commercial contracts (memberships). For example, quarterly jetting or seasonal HVAC maintenance. Recurring service events are generated based on the recurring service type frequency, which can automatically generate events to be booked as Jobs.    

For Commercial contracts, these recurring services are used to customize the contract to fit the needs of each customer. Below are some examples of commercial recurring services you may use with your contracts. 

Grease Trap Jetting: Restaurants need their grease traps and drains jetted regularly to prevent backups. It is common to set up this type of maintenance quarterly, or in a cadence of every X number of days. 

Ice Machine Maintenance: Ice Machines have specific procedures required to keep running at peak performance.  Setting up a recurring service appointment with the specific things needed assures they continue to operate as intended.

Chiller Maintenance: Commercial Chillers require complex maintenance procedures to be performed, including cleaning the tubes, testing the water, etc.  Use recurring services to automate these crucial services.  

Generator Maintenance: Commercial companies rely on backup generators To  ensure they work properly when needed, they must be properly maintained. It is common to set annual or twice-per-year maintenance, depending on the generator type and region. 

Filter Changes: Commercial properties have large numbers of units, and filter changes do not always fall in the same cadence with general maintenance. The best practice is to have a recurring service type specifically for filters, with a frequency of quarterly, bi-annual, or annual depending on the filter size and systems. 

Cooling Maintenance: General maintenance for the AC equipment on site (Condensers/Coils/Heat Pumps) is normally done once per year, before summer temperatures get too high. 

Heating Maintenance: General maintenance for the heating equipment (Furnace/Air Handlers/Boilers)  on site.  This maintenance is normally done once per year, before fall/winter temperatures get too low. 

Hot Kitchen Equipment: Restaurants and food services equipment requires recurring maintenance.  Recurring services for hot boxes, fryers, ovens, etc., should be set  up per manufacturers’ recommendations, because it is  critical to safety and performance. 

Water Treatment: Water treatment equipment needs regular regeneration/flushing and salt added. These maintenance visits can be as frequent as monthly but are commonly also done quarterly. 

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