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Welcome to ServiceTitan’s Commercial Playbook—an aggregation of best practices from across the industry, written purposely for your Commercial business. In this playbook, you’ll learn all the key tips and tricks (what we call “best practices”) needed to take your business to the next level.


Customer Notifications

Automated customer notifications provide one of the best benefits of ServiceTitan for many contractors. The system makes the customer feel informed and delivers a professional appearance on behalf of the contractor.  But in the commercial realm, some contractors can run into a problem.

When a technician is sent to a Job, a notification can automatically be sent to the contact listed on the client's account.  A contractor can design the notification to have the technician’s name, a short bio, a picture or company logo, etc., to be delivered as a text message to the customer.  

In a commercial environment, if not managed properly, this could lead to hundreds of text messages being sent to the contractor’s largest customer at one time.  For instance, if one person oversees a chain of stores and several technicians are sent to several stores in one day, text messages would be sent for each of them.

In ServiceTitan, a commercial contractor can regulate which notifications are sent, and when— or turn them off globally, or on a one-off basis for customers who don’t want or need notifications.  

For customers who want the notifications, they can be a great addition. 

At InTown Plumbing, customer service remains a top priority. In fact, owners Brittany and Michael Grose still work with about 50 percent of the builders and general contractors they started with in the beginning, which says a lot about the company’s ability to foster long and healthy relationships.

Customer notifications in ServiceTitan improved communication 100 percent between InTown Plumbing and their clients, Brittany Grose says. And that keeps everyone better informed on the current status of their plumbing services.

“They want to know when we’re out there, so they can coordinate with the other trades they’ve got coming to the job site, or even tell the homeowners buying from them that the plumbing went in,” Brittany says. “It helps them out a ton.”

Before last year, InTown Plumbing communicated little with homeowners or contractors about upcoming appointments. Now, it’s a popular feature. 

“Just that piece, alone, has helped us look more professional and like we know what we’re doing,” she says. “Of course, we know what we’re doing plumbing-wise, but as far as communications and how a customer perceives us, this is 100 percent better.”

The Knowledge Base articles below include step-by-step instructions on how to turn notifications on and off.

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