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Welcome to ServiceTitan’s Commercial Playbook—an aggregation of best practices from across the industry, written purposely for your Commercial business. In this playbook, you’ll learn all the key tips and tricks (what we call “best practices”) needed to take your business to the next level.


Content Portal

The content portal allows you to send communications directly to your technicians so that they aren’t lost in their email inbox and can be conveniently used/seen when needed. 

Below are some great examples of ways to utilize this feature. 

  1. Training: Send training materials such as videos and pdf files. Instead of handing out paper materials during a meeting, have them preloaded into the portal. Service Managers can load information and materials ahead of time and schedule when they want them to be seen and by what technicians. You can also repost these if you want to use them again. 

  2. Motivation: You can run contests and send out leaderboard updates via the portal to keep your team engaged. 

  3. Recognition: Who doesn’t love being recognized? Whether it be for a birthday, anniversary or just hard work, you can easily send out recognition to an individual or the team. Those who feel recognized and valued are more loyal and work harder for their company. 

  4. Warranty/Recall Notices: Keep your team up to date on  warranty or recall issues on equipment you may service. 

  5. How To: Have a tricky task that usually requires help from a senior tech or field manager? How about loading a how-to video or step-by-step instructions  your technicians can utilize in the field instead. 

  6. On-Call schedule, Company Calendar: This is a good way to make sure everyone has accurate schedule information.

  7. Phone Numbers: Your vendor contact list or your office/tech contact list can be loaded, cutting  down on technicians calling  your main phone number just to be transferred to accounting. 

  8. Safety Information: Red-tagging units, COVID updates, Crane signaling quick guide, JSAs, etc.

  9. IVR/Portal information technicians need onsite.

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