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Enterprise Hub provides Sila Services with a centralized view, and central control, of a growing portfolio

Pat McManamon
December 8th, 2023
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Alex Dukhin knew Sila Services needed a better way to collect and share information about its many tenant businesses.

Dukhin is the manager of ERP and Business Development at the private-equity driven business that owns 23 entities in the trades.

He needed a hub, so to speak, of knowledge, insight and analysis.

Dukhin and Sila Services were among the original Alpha group of users helping develop  Enterprise Hub in ServiceTitan, the cloud-based software for the trades. 

Developed mainly for larger businesses that own numerous entities or operate in multiple locations, Enterprise Hub provides one central spot in ServiceTitan to collect and share data within the company, and to assess performance and production.

“Enterprise Hub,” Dukhin said, “is the best thing that has come to ServiceTitan.”

That’s because it streamlined what was once unwieldy to an efficient, productive and helpful application within the software. Enterprise Hub simplifies the complex and difficult task of managing and analyzing multiple locations in a business by providing a centralized platform. The resulting efficiency leads to better performance and growth.

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From terrible to streamlined

Dukhin said he used to run different reports for each business within Sila Services and input them on tabs on a spreadsheet, a process he called “terrible.” With Enterprise Hub, a report can be run for the entire company and all of its component businesses, easily. 

That puts important information in a clearly readable and understandable form, in one place. That’s vital to a business like Sila, which is constantly growing.

That makes integrating those acquisitions smoother and more efficient.

“As an example, let’s say someone makes an acquisition,” said Hiren Pandya, a ServiceTitan Senior Manager of Enterprise Sales Engineering, “and they want to implement a certain business process or workflow in the field. How do we do that? And how do we have some consistency as we continue to grow and scale?

“Enterprise Hub solves many of those challenges. What Enterprise Hub provides is the ability to maintain reporting structures across all of their locations, as well as push content to those different locations, and manage users at the Enterprise Hub level.”

Serving bigger businesses more efficiently

The effort is part of ServiceTitan’s ongoing commitment to grow with the home and commercial services companies it serves. Larger businesses with many entities and locations need different capabilities from those of a smaller business. The development of Enterprise Hub bridges that gap.

Enterprise Hub will continue to grow and meet client needs, but its focus is on roll-up reporting, which provides a single report for the entire business, a report that provides insights and data on every tenant’s business.

The Hub’s centralized contact center allows CSRs to seamlessly handle all web, text and call inquiries. This approach saves time and money while recognizing the importance of each potential customer.

The Hub also provides multi-location user management, with access to multiple ServiceTitan accounts. The result stresses the best practices of the entire unit for each individual location.

“This is really for our mega customers,” Pandya said. “Not to say it doesn’t work for other ones, but as we think about what we call the template model, you have a location, it’s your crown jewel. With Enterprise Hub, you can bring that level of ServiceTitan expertise to other markets. And to bring maintenance and support to those locations going forward, you need to have an all-encompassing view.”

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‘Filtering the whole nine yards’

Dukhin said the roll-up reporting is vital. Sila Services tailors reports to needs – for example if the need is for data for a regional group of Sila businesses, Dukhin can do that by  “filtering the whole nine yards with a report – a huge time saver.”

He also stresses the importance of the Enterprise Hub dashboard, which makes information shared and available.

“The more eyes on the reports, the faster we find issues,” Dukhin said. “Not only that, but then senior management can track how well we're doing that day or that week or that month or whatever we need the senior management to take a look at.”

If an issue arises, Dukhin said Sila can click a number that looks concerning and see the data behind it. This allows them to dig deeper to solve issues before they grow.

Even something as simple as a centralized pricebook became simpler.

“With Enterprise Hub, we were able to click one button and it would adjust prices across all of our tenants,” he said.

Benefits for Sila Services, and beyond

Dukhin said he sees the benefits.

“On the corporate side, Enterprise Hub probably saves hundreds of hours a month,” he said. “Not dozens, hundreds.”

The ultimate goal for Enterprise Hub would be automation, so that an umbrella business like Sila could easily integrate any new acquisition into its culture and best practices.

“There's so much consolidation happening in the industry, and these companies are growing at a far more rapid pace than our standard customer base,” Pandya said. “The needs are growing exponentially as well.

“To meet that need, what we are doing at ServiceTitan is creating a network with centralized capacity.”

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