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Nova Basements owner: Why waterproofing companies should go with ServiceTitan

Pat McManamon
January 11th, 2023
3 Min Read

Mark Strauss knows what he wants in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

“I’ve worked with these platforms for years and years,” Strauss said. “I’m in that world.” 

The two characteristics he defines as most meaningful: flexibility and forward thinking.

Which is why when Nova Basement Systems needed a new software, it turned to ServiceTitan – even though few waterproofing businesses use the cloud-based software for the trades.

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“We were looking at a software where we could mold the software to our business rather than molding our business to the software,” said Strauss, Nova’s Communications Director and also the owner of Strauss Training, which stresses best practices for creating relationships with customers in generating business and building a client base.

That meant a software that adapts to the particular needs of Nova, which include multi-day projects and workflows while shepherding growth. They found ServiceTitan met every benchmark.

“A lot of times what ServiceTitan does is it informs creativity and lets our workflow breathe, which is super refreshing,” Strauss said.

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He compared that to other softwares that more or less wanted Nova to adjust its workflow and approach, or offered to customize software to a single request.

“We all know that’s actually a dangerous thing,” Strauss said. “Because a small customization can impact 128 other things within the software.”

Nova has become living proof that ServiceTitan can be applied to different businesses. To co-owner Mike Flores and Strauss, the question shouldn’t be why people in the waterproofing business do not use ServiceTitan. Instead, the question should be, why shouldn’t they? Compare it to a football coach who suddenly sees a running back can catch passes; the only reason the coach didn’t know that was he hadn’t asked the back to fill that role.

“It’s really been a game changer for us,” said Flores, one of Nova’s three co-owners and the company’s General Manager. “Instant communication, getting the information you need, all at your fingertips. Then the mobile app to couple with that is so easy for the technicians in the field.

“The other day, I did an interview with one of our people, and he said the great thing about our company is we’re in the 21st century. We all have iPads, and this is how we operate. There’s not a lot of construction companies around here that I know of that operate that way. We’re having fun with the technology.”

The last software they tried, BizzWizz, was designed by one of the bigger waterproofing and basement businesses. But that was part of the problem – it wasn’t designed by those who understand coding and software development.

“It was a constant struggle,” Flores said, “but we all jumped on board, and then three years later, we were like, OK, we should probably go to a software company that was designed by people that specialize in software. What a concept.”

ServiceTitan combines the best of both. It relies on industry experts who have been in the field to advise on what contractors need. The experts writing software make sure what’s needed is implemented. It’s an approach that can work for waterproofing, electrical, landscaping, plumbing, HVAC – just about any business that works in the home improvement or repair area.

“We really see the holistic value of software like this,” Strauss said.

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