Georgia Plumbing Company: ‘ServiceTitan is what is going to move us forward’

Ron Donoho
August 11th, 2020
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Melissa Mohr is excited about the prospect of onboarding ServiceTitan and integrating a state-of-the-art software team into the family at Superior Plumbing

Atlanta-based Superior Plumbing was founded 32 years ago by Jay Cunningham and has more than 70 employees, with about 40 vehicles on the road.

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Mohr has been on the team for a decade and currently serves as Call Center Team Leader. The company culture, she says, is built on the foundation of community, family and mutual support among employees. 

In that kind of culture, sometimes the best decision for everyone is to make a big change, even when you’re already a large company. When Superior Plumbing’s old CRM software wasn’t keeping up with what the company needed, that time for change, and for ServiceTitan, arrived.

Family & community oriented

Mohr’s job is literally a family affair. Her mother has worked at Superior Plumbing for 13 years and initially alerted Melissa that the call center needed someone to help out on nights and weekends.

Tenure at Superior Plumbing is a calling card. One of Mohr’s lead dispatchers has been on the job for 15 years, and one plumber has been with the company for 23 years (more than half his life).

Mohr firmly believes people stay with the company for longer spans because of a work culture that values family, customers and the community in general. 

Family. When the coronavirus pandemic broke out in Atlanta, the company went through all the stress felt throughout the country, but strove to pitch in and support each other.

“We were sort of in a pinch here in Atlanta with needing to get masks but not being able to get enough,” Mohr says. “So, we all brought our sewing machines in and made masks for our plumbers. We made ones with logos on them and all sorts of crazy stuff.”

The Superior team has become her family, she says.

“We work hard and we play hard,” Mohr says. “For the past three weeks, the owner, Jay, has cooked hot dogs and hamburgers for us. We like to hang out outside of work. Superior wants to be a part of your life. You work to live your life and we're here to earn a wage, provide a service, but it becomes more than that. It becomes a family.”

"Superior wants to be a part of your life. You work to live your life and we're here to earn a wage, provide a service, but it becomes more than that. It becomes a family."

Melissa Mohr

Customers. To provide an exceptional level of customer service, Mohr says the company highly scrutinizes potential employees.

“For one thing, we only hire licensed plumbers or have those pending their current tests ride with someone until that testing is completed,” she says. “But we only hire one in 10 people we interview because we're looking for that person who’s going to be an ambassador of the Superior brand. We want people who have a personality cut out for service work.”

Community. Mohr says the company is involved and invested in the greater local community. In fact, the local state fair is officially known as the Superior Plumbing North Georgia State Fair.

One highlight of Superior’s participation at events—portable restroom trailers. 

“We saw a need for families, so we bought luxury restroom trailers that we offer as part of sponsorship packages we do. The trailers allow families to spend more time at the events in comfort.”

Switching to ServiceTitan

Superior Plumbing had been using another CRM software for two decades and is now part of an expanding number of service industry companies switching to ServiceTitan.

“Early on, we had a good relationship (with their previous software) and we were probably one of their most advanced users,” Mohr says. “But as our company grew, we found that we were growing beyond their program. We needed to move forward and realized there are a lot of neat, new features coming to the industry, but (the old software) wasn’t keeping up with the trends.”

Mohr says she’d had her eye on ServiceTitan for several years. Superior Plumbing uses software for a lot of day-to-day operations—call center, dispatch board, accounting, inventory, warehousing, pricebook and many other features.

Concurrent to Mohr’s search for a new phone system, she says the old software company was sending mixed signals on its future operations. This caused quite a bit of concern and a lot of internal discussions at Superior Plumbing. 

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The logical decision: switch to ServiceTitan.

“We asked ourselves if we should give (the old software) a chance to prove their new program to us,” Mohr says. “But they were not moving us forward. They’re stationary. We decided ServiceTitan is what is going to move us forward.”

Adding to the decision were circumstances related to the pandemic. Back at the beginning, the company increased its remote work situations. Mohr says the old software wasn’t at all remote-friendly. 

“We realized ServiceTitan offered us some flexibility on this,” she says. “We’re not looking to start a remote work program. But we like the idea of being able to wake up one morning, look outside, see there’s 6 inches of snow and say, ‘OK, everybody. Stay home. Log in. Let’s get to work.’”

Mohr says she can see that with ServiceTitan, the sky's the limit for moving past Covid-19 and into the future. She says her dispatchers are actually looking forward to the onboarding process.

“Realizing there is a level of customizability, we can see that ServiceTitan is a breath of fresh air,” Mohr says. “We’ll be able to create different things that we would not have been able to do previously. In particular, form capabilities with invoicing is something we're very excited about.”

She adds: “The thing we keep coming back to is that it sounds like ServiceTitan is as good as the work you're willing to put into it. I think it’s going to be amazing.”

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