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Thanks to Marketing Pro, Chesterfield Service has a postcard that has a 664% ROI for the year

Brendan Meyer
June 28th, 2024
2 Min Read

There’s a postcard that Chesterfield Service is sending out to customers. And it has a 664% return on investment—for the year.

You read that right.

“We've shipped out 913 and it's gotten 31 calls off of it (as of May),” said Jessica Kralemann, the marketing director at Chesterfield Service.

The commercial and residential plumbing, HVAC and electrical shop serves an affluent area in St. Louis, Missouri. And it relies on Marketing Pro’s direct mail postcard campaigns to help reach and remind those potential customers.

How did Kralemann unlock such a high ROI via a simple postcard? It was easy, she said.

First, she set up a direct mail campaign: If a potential customer calls, creates a new account—but does not book—they are sent a postcard thanking them for calling. 

This will serve as a polite reminder, Kralemann explained.

“(You have to figure) they're price-shopping, and think we're too expensive. They get off the phone, and they say, ‘I'm going to call somebody else later.’ But they never do. Or they call somebody else, and they're cheaper, and they get them, and then they come out and they mess up whatever they were supposed to do.”

That’s where the postcard comes in.

“My postcard is going to hit within two weeks after they call,” Kralemann said. “And they're going to be like, ‘Oh, I need to call them back.’ Or ‘So-and-so screwed it up. Let me try these guys this time.’

“That postcard just seems to be hitting at the right time. And then they call us, and then we book them.”

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This whole process is simple, Kralemann said. That’s because Marketing Pro allows her to…

  • Build targeted postcard campaigns from setup to delivery in minutes—not weeks: The campaign-building process is streamlined. There is no hassle of designing, printing, mailing, and tracking direct mail campaigns. 

  • Hyper-target your mailing lists: Kralemann builds audience lists based on Chesterfield Service’s existing customer data, like unsold estimates or aging equipment. She can send one postcard or thousands.

  • Measure your true ROI on every postcard: Kralemann can easily track deliverability of every postcard she sends to see which ones are driving revenue. Marketing Pro allows her to get insights on maximizing revenue per contact so she feels confident that direct mail is working.

“With Marketing Pro, you can see it's there. I can just pull up the page at any point and see what this campaign has brought,” she said.

“I love the new postcard setup.”

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