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How ServiceTitan Got Fuller Electric To Ditch an Infamous Whiteboard—And See Higher Revenue Goals

Adrienne Teeley
May 22nd, 2023
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In 2017, Fuller Electric was still relying on pen and paper for all of its operations—and using an infamous whiteboard as a dispatch board.

“Someone would come in the office and accidentally smudge it, or you couldn’t read the handwriting,” said Anthony Moore, director of operations and current co-owner of Fuller Electric. “It was really tedious. I tell people it (was like) cutting the grass with scissors.”

Moore, who always has had an interest in new technology, knew things had to change. Namely, the residential electrical service company had to embrace cloud-based software to run more efficiently. To him, it was the only way the company could expand.

He had his eye on ServiceTitan, the all-in-one software built for the trades. Impressed by powerful features like reporting, online payments and customer experience tools, Moore saw the potential of the platform to transform Fuller Electric’s operations.

“I put my name and reputation on the line,” Moore said. “I said (to the then owner), ‘This is the direction we need to go in. We just need to bite the bullet because this is going to take us to greater, better places.”

He was right. Since joining ServiceTitan in 2018, Moore said Fuller Electric has been growing steadily out of its office in Federal Way, Washington. So much so that Moore and his wife bought the company in 2021—the same year Fuller Electric reached $1.12 million in revenue. 

Last year, they doubled that number and hit $2.5 million. 

“There's no way we'd be able to do it (without ServiceTitan),” he said. “It’s become key for our business.”

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Software built to support growth

Fuller Electric wasn’t always a residential service company. In fact, most of its business was in electrical for new construction. But that changed around 2018, when the company took on a large, new client. 

Suddenly, Fuller Electric was fielding 500 residential service orders a month instead of just a couple.

“We had to figure out how to scale our ability to service at a high level, and be able to communicate with customers,” Moore said. “We didn’t have the resources to scale up with people, so we had to figure it out with software.”

But Moore wasn’t intimidated by the influx in business. He was ready. “I was like, ‘Yeah, this is the reason why we signed on to ServiceTitan—to help facilitate bookings,’” he said.

Instead of checking out a smudged whiteboard to see where they need to go for a job, techs now consult ServiceTitan’s dispatch board. This digital board can be accessed by anyone in the field or the office, making it more efficient for techs to get customer information or book follow-up appointments—all without needing to talk to a dispatcher. 

Dispatchers can also move faster with tools tailor-made for their workflows. They can easily assign jobs by zones to maximize the number of calls a tech can make across Fuller Electric’s large territory. Information about a tech’s expertise is also easily accessible, ensuring the tech with the right skills is assigned to a job.

And once an appointment is made, ServiceTitan can automatically send a booking reminder to the customer, which reduces the number of missed appointments and keeps techs’ schedules accurate.

“(It’s a) time-saver in the office for folks to be able to confirm appointments via text,” Moore said. “We know coming in the next day (that) the jobs that are booked (are) 100 percent confirmed."

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Diving deeper into key features

The dispatch board is just one aspect of Fuller Electric’s improved workflow. Moore has a few other favorite ServiceTitan features his team uses daily.

  • Marketing Pro: To nurture strong relationships with customers, Moore’s team uses ServiceTitan’s Marketing Pro software. From keeping on top of Google reviews, building email campaigns, sending thank-you notes and following up on estimates, Marketing Pro makes it easy for Fuller Electric to reach out to customers—and keep them coming back.

  • Customer experience: Some customers don’t want to talk to a dispatcher or a technician on the phone. With ServiceTitan, Fuller Electric provides another option. Through the customer portal, clients can pay their bills online, request appointments, chat with a dispatcher and see their service history, all without talking on the phone. “There's a lot of different features baked into ServiceTitan that make the customer experience one of the best in the business,” Moore said.

  • Customer and job history tools: One of Moore’s favorite features of ServiceTitan’s software is that his team is able to record notes and take photos, and easily tag them to an address. “That was a game changer for us, because prior to that, we’d just be texting photos and trying to save them somewhere on the network,” Moore said. “Trying to find them later was just (like) pulling teeth.”

These features just scratch the surface of what ServiceTitan can do. For Moore, that’s what makes the platform so intriguing.

“Anyone can use (tech tools), but it's how you're applying the technology that's going to set you apart,” Moore said. “And so, having the opportunity to start to tinker around with (ServiceTitan) and see what's possible—that's what's been exciting for me.”

Laying the groundwork for continued success

While Moore and his wife have been leading Fuller Electric for only a couple of years, he said the growth they’ve seen in the business is just a taste of what’s to come. Equipped with powerful software and quicker workflows, Moore has high hopes for the future of Fuller Electric. 

“This year, we’re on pace to double (our revenue),” Moore said. “So in the next couple years, we’re going to be at least $5 million or $6 million in strictly electrical, which in our market is a considerable size.”

Today, that whiteboard in the Fuller Electric office no longer maps out all of the jobs the team has planned for the day. These days, it’s more useful as a leaderboard for which tech collected the most tips in the field. Naturally, those numbers are pulled from a ServiceTitan report.

As for Moore, free from pen and paper and manual processes, he no longer feels like he’s cutting grass with scissors. 

“ServiceTitan's been the riding lawn mower,” he said. “It's been awesome.”

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