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How becoming a ServiceTitan guru enhanced a career at Franklin Electric

Brendan Meyer
February 9th, 2024
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A few years ago, Juan Lopez took a glance at the customer relationship management (CRM)  software options that Franklin Electric was considering. One name stood out.

“When I saw ServiceTitan was on the list, I already knew that was the one I wanted,” he said.

At the time, Lopez worked on the water treatment business side of Franklin Electric, a publicly traded company that manufactures and distributes products and systems focused on the movement and management of water and fuel.

He had heard of ServiceTitan when his previous company, a water treatment facility that was acquired by Franklin Electric, was looking into the all-in-one software for the trades.

He didn’t have much pull in Franklin Electric’s big decision. But Lopez was thrilled when he found out the company decided on ServiceTitan. 

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Little did he know that that decision would change his career path.

“During the ServiceTitan roll out, I became really engulfed into (the software) to understand how it was going to impact our business. I became the (ServiceTitan) expert on the Water Treatment side, which resulted in them recruiting me over to IT.

“Now, I am the point (person) for ServiceTitan on the Franklin Electric side,” Lopez said, whose official title is IT business analyst II.

Becoming the go-to ServiceTitan expert at Franklin Electric took time. This explains how Lopez did it, and how that expertise changed his work life.

A certified expert

To become the ServiceTitan guru, Lopez needed lots of practice.

 “I spent thousands of hours in the Next environment,” Lopez said, who’s based in Wisconsin.

  • ServiceTitan Next is a sandbox environment where you can get familiar with the changes and the new features in an upcoming release. The Next environment prevents unwanted changes to your ServiceTitan live account and maintains the integrity of your company data. It’s a great place to practice or train new employees with your own data—and not mess up real data.

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Lopez then put his knowledge to the test through the ServiceTitan Certified Administrator (STCA) program. 

  • The STCA program gives you the opportunity to earn a professional, industry-recognized certification that validates your knowledge and expertise using ServiceTitan. 

  • Participating in the program will help you understand the tools ServiceTitan can bring to your company while allowing you to serve as an in-house specialist who leads the adoption and helps deliver an even higher return on investment.

  • The STCA program is a go-at-your-own-pace course. Some individuals finish in four months, some in four days.

“I loved the certification program,” Lopez said. “What I really liked about it is it taught me how to use the system from the administrative side. That was important to me, because the more I could understand from that aspect, the more I could bring to the company.”

Lopez also got involved in the Spark and Ember sessions, the Torch Network and he is on a product advisory group.

  • SparkSessions are small groups of non-competitor ServiceTitan customers who have a good understanding of the software. This free program meets once per month for just an hour. Each group comes together with an expert ServiceTitan facilitator for a focused, user-driven conversation on a specific topic on ServiceTitan and industry practices.

  • EmberSessions are also small groups of non-competitor ServiceTitan customers who meet over six sessions to better understand and implement the features in the Launch stage of TitanAdvisor. These free, one-hour sessions are run by an expert ServiceTitan facilitator.

  • Torch Network is ServiceTitan's power-user community that is dedicated to showcasing your success, forging deeper bonds with your peers, and influencing the direction of the platform.

The go-to guy

Recently, a Franklin Electric national sales rep asked Lopez how she could use ServiceTitan to evaluate what was happening at a certain location.

Lopez, who has a sales background, was happy to show her. The first thing he suggested was figuring out what the shop’s “meat and potatoes look like,” Lopez said, which meant reviewing their sales pitch. After Lopez showed the rep how to dig in within ServiceTitan, he suggested they listen to some of their sales conversations and use the four pillar reports (business unit review, technician performance review, office performance review and marketing performance review).

“I showed her how to access the phone call recording section, and then I provided her with a form to evaluate the conversation.”

Since going live with the software a couple years ago, Franklin Electric has launched ServiceTitan in 22 locations. That means there’s never a dull moment with Lopez’s job. 

But he loves being the go-to ServiceTitan expert—along with the responsibilities and continuous learning that comes with that title.

“ServiceTitan has made it really easy for me to get (to this point),” he said.

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