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Enterprise Hub provides visibility, scalability and ‘apples to apples’ comparison to fast-growing Blue Cardinal Home Services Group

Brendan Meyer
March 13th, 2024
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Remember the bag phone? 

It was an antiquated piece of technology from a different era. And it’s the first thing that comes to Sarah Vest’s mind when she thinks about her work life before she started using her new favorite ServiceTitan feature, Enterprise Hub.

Vest remembers the days of using the bulky phone wired to a black bag and a hulking battery pack. If she ever needed to make a call, she had to stay put.

“You're literally locked down to this bag phone,” Vest, the call center operations manager for Blue Cardinal Home Services Group in Lufkin, Texas, said. “You don't carry it around everywhere.”

And until Enterprise Hub, her work life felt similar. Blue Cardinal is a multi-regional network of residential HVAC, plumbing, and electrical brands, all on ServiceTitan. It currently has seven companies under its umbrella, with 10 more expected in 2024. But with so many accounts, it was difficult for anyone at Blue Cardinal to log into ServiceTitan and toggle between each of its different locations.

“We were locked down to two windows; a regular window and an incognito window,” Vest said.

Then came Enterprise Hub. The feature has simplified the complex and arduous tasks of running multiple locations with centralized platform management that promotes efficiency across every branch of Blue Cardinal with features like:

  • Roll-up reporting on the entire enterprise, broken down by location and business unit to power good decisions

  • Ability to set up an ideal tenant to quickly add new locations

  • Share content (like forms and marketing materials) through TitanExchange

  • A centralized pricebook that can be updated in real time

“Now, there's no locked down feeling,” Vest said. “We can have as many tenants in there as we need, many tabs open, and it functions so much better.

“It's like going from a bag phone in a car to a mobile cellphone.”

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Staying on the same page

The primary reason Blue Cardinal started using Enterprise Hub last fall was because Vest and her team learned about a critical feature that could make their lives easier: Roll-up reporting.

  • Roll-up reporting: Be in the loop on what’s happening across your business with automated reporting of valuable insights and data on every location you manage — all condensed to a single report.

“Literally, you can drill it down to the location base and it can roll-up and report from one login. I can run those reports and get them broken down how I need to and I don't have to log into each location,” Vest said. “That is huge. It saves a lot of time.”

But roll-up reporting wasn’t the only feature that caught their attention. 

Adrianne Neff, a CRM strategist at Blue Cardinal, is in charge of building out the model tenant that Blue Cardinal implements at every location. The model tenant ensures best practices and processes are followed at all of their locations — especially when they acquire a new company. The execution and creation of model tenant is aided by an Enterprise Hub feature that Neff swears by: TitanExchange

  • TitanExchange: Push configurations and share content throughout your entire business.

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“TitanExchange has been huge for me when implementing model tenant because I'm able to push job types, business units — all that stuff — without having to manually create it in every account,” Neff said. “And just simple things like being able to tie business units to job types. When we're booking the job, we're not having to sift through all of these job types or business units to get what we need. 

“And being able to use zones and classify those zones, especially for McWilliams & Son (one of Blue Cardinal’s accounts), where we have multiple locations in one tenant account. Being able to narrow those down based on business units is great.”

Neff and Vest also love these features:

  • Centralized Contact Center: Enable your CSRs to seamlessly handle all web, text, and call inquiries, ensuring your team is saving time, saving money, and treating all customers like VIPs.

  • Centralized Pricebook: “It’s huge,” Neff said. “We're able to make changes to that centralized pricebook and push those updates to tenants.”

‘Talking apples to apples’

Vest and Neff can’t imagine going back to the “locked down, bag phone” world of pre-Enterprise Hub. Especially not in 2024.

Blue Cardinal has a goal to add 10 more companies to its portfolio this year.

“And without something like Enterprise Hub, it would be very, very difficult to (accomplish that goal),” Neff said.

“Enterprise Hub makes it seamless,” Vest added. “It allows for visibility, and that's our whole thing. We need visibility. 

“Our biggest thing is we have to be able to run consistent reporting across all of our partners so that we can make sure we're talking apples to apples and we're making the best business decisions we can make. And the way to do that is to have them all on the same platform.”

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