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300+ Plumbing Company Names to Get Ideas From [2023]

Mike LaFollette
September 1st, 2023
10 Min Read

When it comes to running a business in the trades, a great name sets a company apart from the competition. A memorable name helps homeowners recall a business when they’re in the market for services, while a lackluster name is easy to forget.

Ryan Kettering, owner of Prolific Brand Design in Illinois, says a company’s name is as important as the logo and visual representation of both on the company’s trucks or vans.

“Your brand assets are just a representation of your fundamental brand,” Kettering says. “As far as those assets, your name, your logo and the representation, those are the main things that you’ve got to get right.”

As you think about a good plumbing company name, whether it’s a new company or you’re rebranding an existing business, you want something that is:

  • Creative and memorable

  • Unique (not trademarked or registered in your state)

  • Descriptive (clearly specifies the service you offer)

Looking for an effective and catchy name? Check out these plumbing company name ideas, some real and some fictional, for inspiration. 

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Table of Contents

Creative Plumbing Company Names

Creativity takes a good plumbing name idea and makes it even better. Gain inspiration and long-lasting results from these creative plumbing business names.

  1. A-Team Plumbing

  2. Ace Plumbing

  3. All-Clear Plumbing

  4. Aqua Pros

  5. Aqua Vista Plumbing

  6. Best Service Plumbers

  7. Clear Choice Plumbing

  8. Clog Busting Plumbers

  9. Dr. Drain

  10. Drain Rangers

  11. Drip Stop Plumbing

  12. Easy Flow Plumbing

  13. Fast Flush Plumbing

  14. Flow Plumbing

  15. Fluid-Free Plumbing

  16. Get R Done Plumbing

  17. Green Wash Plumbing

  18. Leakless Plumbing and Drain

  19. Master Leak Repairs

  20. Master Plumbing Co

  21. Never Leak Plumbing

  22. Never-Clog Plumbing

  23. No-Mess Plumbing Co

  24. Perfect Pipes

  25. Perfection Plumbing

  26. Pipe Doctor

  27. Plumb #1

  28. Plumb Again

  29. Plumb Fixers

  30. Plumb It Right

  31. Plumb On Time

  32. Plumbing for Life

  33. Plumbing for Peace of Mind

  34. Plumbing Kings

  35. Plumbing Masters

  36. Plumbing Ninjas

  37. Plumbing of Your Dreams

  38. Plumbing Pal

  39. Plumbing Powerhouse

  40. Plumbing Solutions

  41. Plumbing Superstars

  42. Plumbing that Works

  43. Plumbing with a Smile

  44. Plunge Masters

  45. Power Plumbing and Drain

  46. Precision Plumbing

  47. Price-Right Plumbing

  48. Pro Plumbing

  49. Quick & Easy Plumbing

  50. Right Away Plumbers

  51. Root Cause Plumbing

  52. Safe Plumbing

  53. Same-Day Plumbing

  54. Smooth Plumbing

  55. Speedy Plumbing

  56. Stressless Plumbing

  57. The Drain Doctors

  58. The Drain Pros

  59. The Drain Slayers

  60. The Leak Detectives

Catchy Plumbing Company Names

A catchy brand name stays top of mind with potential customers, so they always think of your business first. Check out the following list of catchy plumbing business names.

  1. Ace of Drains

  2. All Clear Plumbing

  3. Aqua Ace

  4. Aqua La Vista Baby!

  5. Aqua Masters

  6. Best of the Best Plumbing

  7. Brain Drain Plumbing

  8. Budget Friendly Plumbers

  9. Clean & Clear Plumbing

  10. Clear Choice Plumbing Co

  11. Clear Pipe Plumbing

  12. Clog Busters Plumbers

  13. Clog Free Plumbing

  14. Drain Doctor Plumbing

  15. Drain Drainers

  16. Drip Drop Plumbing

  17. Drop Dead Plumbing

  18. Faulty Faucets

  19. First Flush Plumbing

  20. First-Time Fix Plumbers

  21. Fix-A-Leak Plumbing

  22. Fix-It Plumbing

  23. Flow-Master Plumbing

  24. Fluid Plumbing

  25. Flush and Forget Plumbing

  26. Flush Brothers

  27. Full Flow Plumbing

  28. Go Green Eco Plumbing

  29. Go with the Flow Plumbing

  30. Golden Pipe Plumbing

  31. Green Plumbing

  32. Just in Time Plumbing

  33. Leak Eliminator

  34. Leak No More Plumbing

  35. Leakless Plumbing

  36. Master Leaks

  37. Master Plumbers

  38. No Clogs Plumbing

  39. No Leaks Plumbing

  40. No Mess Plumbing

  41. No More Mess Plumbing

  42. No Stress Plumbing

  43. No-Bummer Plumber

  44. No-Drip Plumbing

  45. Pain in the Drain

  46. Plumb and Run

  47. Plumb Fixers and Fixtures

  48. Plumb It Up

  49. Plumb Like Crazy

  50. Plumb Right Away

  51. Plumb-It Right

  52. Plumb-O-Rama

  53. Plumbing A-Team

  54. Plumbing for All

  55. Plumbing Gurus

  56. Plumbing On Time

  57. Plumbing Professors

  58. Spot-A-Leak Plumbing

  59. The Master Plumber

  60. X Factor Plumbing

Female Plumbing Company Names

The following plumbing business name ideas are perfect for a woman-owned plumbing company.

  1. Aqua Adorn Plumbing

  2. AthenaAqua Solutions

  3. Bella Bidet Pros

  4. ChicCistern Solutions

  5. Debby Drain Doctor

  6. Diana's Drain Cleaning

  7. Dorothy's Drain Service

  8. Duchess of Pipes

  9. Elegant Ella Plumbers

  10. ElegantFlush Plumbing

  11. Empower Ella Plumbing

  12. EmpressPlumb Services

  13. Female Fixture Services

  14. Femme Flush Services

  15. FemmeFixture Services

  16. FlowHer Plumbing

  17. Her Pipe Solutions

  18. Her-Fix Solutions

  19. HerHandyFix Plumbing

  20. HerHaven Plumbing

  21. Katie's Plumbing Service

  22. Lady Lav Plumbing

  23. Lady Leak Solutions

  24. Lady Lou Plumbing

  25. Lady Plumb Pros

  26. Lady Tap Plumbing

  27. LadyLuxe Plumbers

  28. Leading Lady Plumbing

  29. Majestic Marie Plumbers

  30. Mama Plumbing

  31. MavenMend Plumbers

  32. Miss Plumber

  33. Patricia's Plumbing

  34. Plumb-Her

  35. Plumberella

  36. Plumbing Diva

  37. Plumbing Goddess

  38. Plumbing Princess

  39. Plumbing Senoritas

  40. Plumbing Sorceress

  41. Plumbing Wonder Woman

  42. Posh Pipes Plumbing

  43. Queen Plunge Services

  44. Rosa Ratchet Services

  45. She Plumbs

  46. She-Do Plumbers

  47. SheFix Plumbing

  48. Super Sisters Plumbing

  49. The Pipette Plumbers

  50. The Plumbing Belles

  51. The Plumbing Divas

  52. The Plumbing Maven

  53. The Plumbing Mistress

  54. The Plumbing Queen Bee

  55. The Plumbing Sisters

  56. Three Sisters Plumbing

  57. VenusValve Plumbers

  58. Wendy Watercloset

  59. Women Wrench Works

  60. Working Women

Funny Plumbing Business Name Ideas

Make customers chuckle when they see a humorous plumbing brand name. A funny name not only sticks out from the competition, it shows customers you have a sense of humor.

  1. A-Mazin' Drains

  2. Aqua Dudes

  3. Austin Showers

  4. Big Time Plumbers

  5. BM Master Plumbing

  6. Boss Plumbers

  7. Captain Clog

  8. Chuckles 'n' Clogs Plumbers

  9. Clear as Mud Plumbing

  10. Clog Busters

  11. Dookie Doctor

  12. Down the Drain Plumbers

  13. Drain Doc

  14. Drain Fighters

  15. Drainage Jokers Plumbing

  16. Drip, Drip, Hooray!

  17. Drip, Drop, and Flush

  18. Flow-Tastic Plumbers

  19. Flush and Giggle Plumbing

  20. Flush It and Forget It

  21. Flush Masters

  22. Funny Flush Fixers

  23. Giggles in the Gutter

  24. Golden Pipe Plumbers

  25. Grins and Drains Plumbing Co.

  26. Guffaws and Gush Plumbing

  27. Gurgles and Chuckles Plumbing Co.

  28. Haha Hydroflow Plumbers

  29. Happy Face Plumbing

  30. Hilarity in Hydraulics

  31. Joe The Plumber

  32. Jokes 'n' Pipes Plumbing Services

  33. Laughing Leaks Plumbing

  34. Leak Detectives

  35. Leak-Less Plumbing

  36. Leaky Toilets R Us

  37. Master Leak

  38. Mr. Plunger

  39. No Clogs

  40. No More Leaks Plumbing

  41. No-Mess Plumbing

  42. Peace Pipes

  43. Pipe Dreams Plumbing

  44. Pipe Protege

  45. Pipe Whisperers

  46. Plumb Crazy

  47. Plumb It and Go

  48. Plumb It Like a Boss

  49. Plumb It Like a Pro

  50. Plumbersaurus Rex

  51. Potty Time Plumbing

  52. Puns and Pipes Plumbing Co.

  53. Quick Fix Plumbing

  54. Rooter Rangers

  55. Snake Pit Plumbing

  56. The Drain Slayers

  57. The Leak Freaks

  58. The Plumbing Ninjas

  59. Whimsical Water Wizards

  60. Witty Waterworks Plumbers

Location-Based Plumbing Business Names

Often, the best name for a plumbing business takes into consideration the company’s location or service area. Make one of these examples your own based on where you conduct business.

  1. Alpine Plumbco

  2. Atlantic City Drains

  3. Austin Plumbers

  4. Baltimore Plumbing and Septic

  5. Bayou City Plumbers

  6. Bayou Clog Busters

  7. Best Plumbing Services of [add city or state name]

  8. Big Blue Plumbing

  9. Capital City Plumbing Pros

  10. Capital Drain Pros

  11. Champagne Drain Company

  12. Chicago Drain and Pipe

  13. CityFlow Plumbing

  14. Coastal Plumbing Pros

  15. Dallas Pipe and Water Systems

  16. Desert Plumbing

  17. Downtown Drain Masters

  18. Fresno Master Plumbers

  19. Georgia Plungers

  20. Harborside Plumbers

  21. Heartland Pipe Pros

  22. Hometown Plumbers

  23. Houston Plumbing

  24. Indiana Drain and Pipe

  25. Indy Pipe Pros

  26. Island Drain Cleaning

  27. Island Plumb Services

  28. LA Pipe and Drain

  29. Lakeside Plumbing Solutions

  30. LakeView Drain Pros

  31. Las Vegas Plumbing and Drain

  32. Maui Water Works

  33. Metro Pipe Services

  34. Midtown Plumbing Experts

  35. Milwaukee’s Best Plumbers

  36. Mountain View Plumbing

  37. Nashville Drain Cleaning

  38. NYC Plumb Masters

  39. Pacific Coast Plumbing

  40. Pennsylvania Plumbing Perfectionists

  41. Plumbing by the Park

  42. Portland Plumbing

  43. Prairie Pipe Solutions

  44. Providence Plumbers

  45. Puerto Rico Plumbing Pros

  46. Riverfront Rooter

  47. Riverside Plumbers LLC

  48. San Francisco Flush

  49. Santa Cruz Plumbing Solutions

  50. Santa Fe Services

  51. Seaside Plumbing Co.

  52. Seattle Plumbing Company

  53. Skyline Plumbers Inc.

  54. South Park Plumbing

  55. St. Louis Sewer Masters

  56. Suburban Plumbers

  57. Uptown Drain Doctors

  58. UrbanFlow Solutions

  59. ValleyStream Plumbers

  60. Water Maine

How to Choose a Name for Your Plumbing Business

Put simply, a unique plumbing business name helps you rise above the competition. Follow these best practices for choosing a creative name for your shop.

Consider your services: You don’t want a name that limits your company or leaves a potential lead wondering if you offer the services they need. Lay it all out in the business name. Consider terms like faucet, drain cleaning, leaky pipes, or installation, depending on the services you offer. And if you provide additional offerings, such as HVAC, electrical, or handyman services, make them known, too.

Check your local trademark database: As you brainstorm ideas, make sure the name isn’t already taken in your city or state. You want a unique business name, so customers don’t get confused and call another company instead of yours. 

Emphasize quality: Use words that convey a sense of professionalism, expertise, and top-notch service. Check out our list of professional names below for ideas.

Research domain names: Make sure there’s a relevant domain URL available. You don’t want your domain to differ very much from your business name.

Search social media: Make sure a variation of your business name is available on any social media websites you plan to use to market your business. If there’s already a social media account with your chosen name, customers may become confused.

Consider your target market: If you specialize in high-end services, for example, choose a name that conveys a sense of luxury or sophistication. Or if you just want to provide basic services, use words that suggest “budget” or “basic” in the company name.

Think about branding: Consider the branding possibilities the name offers for the plumbing industry, such as colors, taglines, slogans, or logo designs. 

Use descriptive words: Include keywords that evoke imagery related to pristine bathrooms, free-flowing sinks, and high-quality customer service. This helps potential customers envision a job-well-done when they see your brand name.

Add a personal touch: Include a personal touch and build trust with potential clients by incorporating your name or initials into the company name. Customers may be more likely to hire your company if they know a local person runs it.

Mention specialty services: If you specialize in a particular aspect of plumbing, incorporate that specialization into your business name. 

Take it for a test drive: After you settle on a business name, share it with friends and family to see how it resonates. 

How to Register Your Plumbing Business Name

Now that you’ve decided on the perfect name, it’s time to register your new plumbing business. In the U.S., you’ll need to register with the Secretary of State office in the state where you will conduct business. This website walks you through the process. 

For businesses in Canada, you need to register your business as a “trade name.” To register your trade name, go to the registry of the jurisdiction(s) where you plan to do business. This website walks you through the process. 

How to Get More Cool Plumbing Business Name Ideas

If you’re still unsure after browsing our expansive list of plumbing name ideas, fear not, you have additional resources at your disposal.

Here are a couple of handy resources to help you generate unique plumbing company name ideas.

Use a business name generator

A business name generator works exactly like it sounds. You enter some keywords, hit “submit,” and watch as the software generates a list of relevant business names. And the best part is there are dozens of free business name generators from companies like Shopify and Wix.

Cooperate with creatives

If you’re stuck and unable to come up with the right name for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to friends and family. Talk to the creatives in your circle, brainstorm ideas, and crowdsource the best suggestions.

Make AI your ally

AI can be your best friend when it comes to brainstorming plumbing business names. With a chat bot, all you need to do is give it a prompt like, “Give me a list of unique plumbing business names,” and you’ll have a list of ideas within seconds.

What to Do After Finding Your Business Name

Here are some additional items to consider after you’ve chosen your business name, and we’ll also cover how business management software can help you run a successful plumbing company. 

Decide your accounting needs 

Plumbing companies rely on accurate financial records to cover operational expenses and operate profitably. Will you use paper spreadsheets and error-prone manual processes, or leverage software to automate your accounting processes? 

ServiceTitan simplifies accounting in multiple ways, from integrating with leading software like QuickBooks and Intacct to providing real-time visibility into your financial picture to ensure accurate bookkeeping. 

From a central hub, ServiceTitan tracks revenue by job, business unit, and campaign to determine profitability. The software makes it easy to create invoices and collect payments from the office or field using a mobile device. It also sends a notification for outstanding invoices, ensuring you can collect payment faster and increase cash flow.

Choose the right pricing strategy

As a plumbing business owner, you need to determine the right pricing structure to ensure you can run your business profitably. But relying on guesswork or failing to update your pricing as material and labor costs rise will quickly become problematic. ServiceTitan’s job costing capabilities and integrated pricebook help plumbing businesses offer accurate and profitable pricing on every job.  

With Pricebook Pro, an add-on feature to the core ServiceTitan software, business owners see regional pricing averages for similar services in their area, allowing them to offer competitive pricing that drives revenue. You also save time from manually updating prices and material costs and uploading product photos. Rather, Pricebook Pro integrates with leading supplier catalogs and automatically updates pricing for parts and materials.

Additionally, ServiceTitan’s job costing feature spotlights real-time insights into labor and material costs as well as profit margins to grow revenue and protect profitability.  

Market your plumbing business 

All plumbing businesses rely on advertising to generate new leads and remind existing customers of routine maintenance and other services. With ServiceTitan’s CRM and the Marketing Pro Full Suite, plumbing companies can launch a data-driven marketing strategy using a mix of omni-channel tools to connect with customers of all demographics.

ServiceTitan Marketing Pro features include:

Local Service Ads: Make it easy for customers to book your services directly from Google using Local Service Ads. When a customer searches for plumbing services in your unique area, they’ll immediately see your LSA, which ensures high-quality leads and keeps your advertising ROI accurate.

Email marketing: Reach existing customers and generate new opportunities with ServiceTitan email marketing campaigns. Leverage customer data to design hyper-targeted audiences, automate your email campaigns, and track performance in the Ads dashboard. You can also choose from several pre-built email templates, saving time and money by allowing your business to easily create highly professional customer emails.

Direct mail: Postcards and other types of direct mail often enjoy more staying power in customer homes versus an email or radio ad. With ServiceTian’s direct mail marketing capabilities, easily create postcards using pre-built templates, segment your customers based on home age or unsold estimates, and track performance and ROI from the metrics dashboard. 

Reputation: Customers today usually check online reviews before making a hiring decision. ServiceTitan Reputation not only helps your business stand out among the competition, it automates review collection to amass 5-star ratings on leading sites like Google, Angi, and Facebook. Reputation also makes it easy to respond to customer reviews across multiple sites from a single hub, saving considerable time and showing customers you care about their business.

Build a great website 

Any successful business in the digital age needs a user-friendly website. Even better: Make it easy to book your services online, saving customers a phone call. Today’s customers are used to scheduling appointments online, and plumbing service should be just as easy. 

ServiceTitan’s Online Scheduler streamlines the online booking process, helping to convert quality leads—24/7— with less time, effort, and attention from you and your team. New work orders go straight to the ServiceTitan Dispatch board, saving time for your team while enhancing the customer experience with a modern booking process. 

  • Decide your accounting and insurance needs: Will you use a CPA, or handle accounting with software like QuickBooks? What about insurance for your plumbing business?

  • Build a great website: Any successful business in the digital age needs a user-friendly website. Even better: Make it easy to book your services online, saving customers a phone call.

  • Decide your pricing: Determine the right pricing structure to ensure you can run your business profitably.

  • Market your plumbing business: Lastly, establish an omni-channel marketing strategy. Depending on your customers, you’ll likely want to use a mix of digital and social media ads, along with direct mail and traditional strategies like billboards and door hangers.

Now Over to You

When it comes to choosing the best plumbing company names, you ultimately want to consider your values, location, specialization, and target demographics. Picture the name on a business card, company uniforms, or the side of your work vehicles. Does it resonate?

After deciding on a name, be sure to register it with your state and local government. This will reserve the name while you’re launching your business. 

Finally, consider leveraging an all-in-one plumbing software like ServiceTitan to streamline business management, improve communication, and optimize marketing efforts. Developed specifically for businesses in the trades, ServiceTitan can help you scale your plumbing business, grow revenue, and enhance customer service.

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