Pantheon 2020: Take Memberships to the Next Level

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“I wake up to find money in my account.”

—Seminar attendee Chris Hill

Memberships are a valuable source of revenue, and ServiceTitan can take that to the next level. ServiceTitan presenters Sena Sadeghi (senior service specialist), Jill DeBiase (product manager), Riley Thurman (implementation manager) and Emily Tucciarone (success team) discuss new features and review pro tips for scheduling recurring services. All spoke during a virtual session during Pantheon 2020, ServiceTitan’s annual conference for the trades. Here are key takeaways:

1. Use memberships for customers’ recurring services.

In a customer profile on ServiceTitan, you can schedule recurring services—and even the type of recurring services.

“Everything is customizable,” Sadeghi says. “You can set reports for the day or date of service, or number of visits, and it will repeat for the duration of a notice—or until the membership expires.”

2. Billing can be done both manually and automatically.

There might be reasons why you want to do manual billing. Users can manually resolve errors and refer to primary credit cards on file.

“Sure, you can click all the buttons yourself, but you can also see how the system can be set up to do it for you,” Sadeghi says. “Automatic billing rules are a great way to go.”

3. Help remind techs to sell memberships. 

“Some techs don’t like to sell memberships, but sometimes it’s just that they don’t remember to do it,” Sadeghi says. “If, for example, an AC filter change is included in a membership, that can be set up as a recommendation.”

That means when tech goes to do the filter change they are reminded in the software to mention that this service is offered with a membership.

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