Pantheon 2020: Book More Jobs with Adjustable Capacity Planning

Diana LamirandAugust 15th, 2020


“We’ve been able to reduce the amount of reschedules, decrease our cancellation rates, and our customers gain a sense of trust.”

—Brian Davenport, V.P. of Service, A1 Garage Door Service

In the trades, the more jobs you book, the more money you make. If your company’s CSRs and dispatchers don’t understand how many daily jobs need to be booked to maximize revenue or fail to follow company protocols when booking jobs, it could result in lost revenue, overworked techs, and frustrated customers.

Brian Davenport, Vice President of Service at A1 Garage Door Service in Phoenix, explained how he enhanced his company’s job-booking processes with Adjustable Capacity Planning in a virtual session during Pantheon 2020, ServiceTitan’s annual conference for the trades. Here are the key takeaways:

1. Reduce call booking time and allow your CSRs to book with confidence.

Before implementing Adjustable Capacity Planning, Davenport says A1 used Excel spreadsheets—“a very manual, archaic process”—to track the number of calls versus the number of technicians in each market. He often found broken formulas, inaccurate data, and problems with overbooking and underbooking.

“We had horrible customer service from the start. The CSRs were promising arrival times our dispatchers and technicians could not deliver on,” he says. “Since we rolled this out last year, our average call booking time is around 3½ minutes. Our CSRs can book with confidence, knowing the arrival window they’re promising the customer is one we’re going to be able to uphold.”

2. Gain dispatching efficiency by sending the right tech to the right job.

Adjustable Capacity Planning allows dispatchers to easily see tech availability, and groups them into specific business units or business unit groups based on their skillset and capacity.

“With Adjustable Capacity Planning in place, we’ve been able to reduce the amount of reschedules, decrease our cancellation rates, and our customers gain a sense of trust in us from the very first time they call in,” Davenport says. “This also sets up our techs for great success, It has greatly increased the amount of time we’re spending with our customers, which in turn, increased our revenue as well.”

3. Automate capacity and rank higher with Google Local Services Ads. 

ServiceTitan announced during Pantheon its plans for integrating with Google's Local Services Ads, according to ServiceTitan Internal Training Specialist Christalena Peña. With the Adjustable Capacity Planning tool, you can integrate your real-time availability into Local Services Ads, so your company ranks higher when customers search for your local service—and they can book a job directly into ServiceTitan.

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