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Find the Right Marketing Temperature When Extreme Cold, Snow and Ice Affect Your Customers

Mike Persinger
February 17th, 2021
4 Min Read

Snow and ice are making travel treacherous. Authorities are advising everyone to stay home, and when you look out the window that sounds like good advice. 

But you work for a home services company, you’re essential, and your phones haven’t stopped ringing. When customers have busted pipes, or no heat, or an electrical problem, you go. Or at least you try to. 

How do you let customers know you’re there when they need you for an emergency? Or that you are only running emergency calls? Or just to provide cold-weather reminders for preventing what you can?

ServiceTitan can help. 

Here are some tips to help you find the right ways to provide tutorials that educate the community on dealing with the cold, reiterate precautions for customers and your team, set expectations for emergency calls, and create warm feelings for the long term: 

» Be cautious about email blasts: If your phones are already ringing (and they probably are), don’t blast your whole database if you can’t handle the volume. Use your database, instead, to reach those who need to be rescheduled, and explain your procedure for that process. Don’t set unrealistic expectations of service that can harm your business.

ServiceTitan's Marketing Pro includes email templates you can edit for your business, to help you get your message out quickly, to inform and educate your customers. 

» Leverage social media: Sharing a video of tips and tricks for staying safe and keeping your equipment running during cold weather will educate customers. Use your staff in the videos. They’re the experts. The video can be raw, and that’s OK. Tag and share with local news media. It’s fun, it’s free, and the tips you share can help their readers and viewers. And if you don’t have video, sharing pictures of your team working through the extreme conditions works, too. 

» Remember SEO: Writing local blog content with educational tips has search power that will last. You can leverage it now and the next time extreme weather hits, too. That blog can be shared on social media, and elsewhere ...

» Reach out to media: TV, radio and newspapers are looking for engaging content beyond outages. If you have a marketing agency, have them reach out and ask how your trade company can help. They want experts. You have them. If they don’t want you for an interview, offer that local blog you wrote about dealing with extreme cold for them to share on their website.

» Consider slowing your spend: If your phones are already slammed, consider slowing your PPC spend. Keep the brand campaigns going to maintain market saturation and impression share, but don’t outrun your capacity. Stopping and starting campaigns can produce a delay in marketing leads, but some campaigns are structured to work this way. If you use an agency, consult with them about strategy. 

Marketing is essential for your business, and your business is particularly essential during an extreme weather event. Make sure you keep your campaigns at the right temperature.

» ALSO: ServiceTitan's Marketing Pro just added several weather emergency-related email templates, including content about delays, reschedules for non-critical appointments, temporary business closures and content about what to do with frozen pipes. Request a demo of these templates now.

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