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Home Depot Pro Xtra Discounts | How To Get The Most Out Of Your Home Depot Benefits

User IconAnn Feister
Clock IconNovember 3rd, 2020
Glasses Icon12 Min Read
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Table of Contents
  1. How Do I Create A Home Depot Pro Xtra Account?

  2. What Is Home Depot’s Pro Xtra Rewards Program?

  3. How To Save Money Buying In Bulk With The Home Depot Pro Account

    1. How Much Is The Home Depot Paint Discount?

  4. Home Depot Pro Account Benefits For Business

    1. Advanced Business Tools For Contractors

    2. Track Your Purchases Online

    3. Credit Card Account Management

    4. Order Approvals With Text2Confirm

    5. Trade Organization Discounts And Perks

  5. How To Save The Most Money With Your Home Depot Pro Xtra Account

    1. Commercial Credit

    2. Pro Special Buy Of The Week

    3. Volume Pricing

    4. Shipping & Delivery Services

    5. Expanded Assortment - The Home Depot Secret Menu

    6. Mobile Coupons

    7. Tool Rental

  6. Additional Home Depot Pro Xtra Benefits

    1. Easy Ordering And Pickup

    2. Reserved Parking

    3. Special Checkout Options

  7. Home Depot Extra Perks

    1. Price Matching

    2. Overstock Pricing

  8. Is Home Depot Pro Xtra Better Than Lowe’s Pro Desk?

  9. Home Depot Pro Xtra Review Conclusion

A Home Depot Pro account can save your small business thousands of dollars every year. 

Not only can you get exclusive Home Depot discounts with a Home Depot Pro Xtra account, but when you sign up, you start accumulating rewards points toward hefty discounts on certain items.

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Time is money to any small business owner, so to save you time we’re jumping right into the Home Depot Pro account benefits.  

Here’s the complete list of the Home Depot Pro extra incentives that are bundled into the home improvement superstore’s rewards program. 

How Do I Create A Home Depot Pro Xtra Account?

Setting up a Home Depot rewards account is fast and easy online through the Home Depot website. You simply need to enter some basic information about your business and what you’re looking for discounts on at “the big orange”. 

If you want to get to know your local Pro Desk staff, you can always have their helpful team set up your account for you while you’re in the store. 

Once you’ve created your account, you can access your information anytime through the Home Depot pro app.

Through the app or your desktop, you’ll be able to view your Pro Extra Workbench. From the workbench page, you’re able to access information about previous purchases, credit card data, the Home Depot Pro Xtra suite of business tools, and much more. 

What Is Home Depot’s Pro Xtra Rewards Program?

Like most big retailers, Home Depot offers a loyalty rewards program that requires a membership. The membership is free and comes with a ton of perks. If you spend a lot of time and money at Home Depot, you’ll want to take advantage of this loyalty benefits account. 

The Home Depot Pro loyalty program provides contractors and those who frequent Home Depot with discounts on products that are purchased in bulk, tiered discounts on paint, exclusive coupons, purchase tracking, reserved parking, commercial credit lines, and many other perks!

How To Save Money Buying In Bulk With The Home Depot Pro Account

Buying products that you use often in bulk can save you big bucks. 

The volume discounts that large contractors receive from suppliers are accessible for small businesses that use their Home Depot Pro Xtra perks. 

Volume discounts are available to members after they spend $1,500 on qualifying purchases that include lumber products, fencing, windows, decking, drywall, insulation, and other commonly used materials. 

You don’t need to buy $1,500 worth of windows only for the discounts to kick in. You can mix and match eligible products to reach the $1,500 threshold to receive your bulk discount pricing. 

Getting the volume discounts the major players in your respective fields receive helps make competitive bidding possible. Taking away a little bit of Goliath’s advantageous purchasing power gives the Davids of the field a chance to win bids that were previously considered unattainable. 

Home Depot discounts can be combined with weekly e-coupons, in-store discounts, and other offers to maximize the amount of money that you can save when you buy in bulk with the pro account. 

You can access bulk quotes on large purchases by contacting a Pro Desk rep at the store, online, by email, or fax. The Pro Desk team can have your discounted price quote ready for you within a few minutes. 

How Much Is The Home Depot Paint Discount?

If you’re a painter, you’ll want to sign up for the Home Depot rewards program that could save you over 20 percent on paints, primers, and other paint related purchases. 

With tiered savings, the more you spend on each project, the more you save. 

  • Spend $2,000, get 10 percent off your order

  • Spend $4,000, get 15 percent off your order

  • Spend $7,500, get 20 percent off your order

The discounted rates for bulk purchases on paints, primers, stains, and other paint supplies can add up quickly. The savings are great, but there are also other convenience perks that come along with the Home Depot Xtra account for painters. 

Painters also receive these additional rewards through a Home Depot Pro account: 

  • Free direct-to-job site paint delivery service

  • Call-in orders

  • Free factory tinting & color matching

  • Up to five years of color history tracked by job

  • Dedicated field support

If you’re at a job site and you need more paint, you can make a quick call to your local Home Depot and have your paint delivered directly to your job site for free. This can save you time and money when you need more supplies but don’t want to spend the day driving across town. 

The color history tracking option for painters makes it easy to know that you’re ordering the right paint for the job. You can effortlessly reorder colors with exact precision for up to five years from your original purchase date through the pro account. 

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Home Depot Pro Account Benefits For Business

The extra bells and whistles added into the Home Depot Xtra Pro account amount to a suite of free business tools and tracking software that can make your life easier every day, and especially when it’s time to do your taxes. 

Advanced Business Tools For Contractors

The pro rewards at Home Depot go beyond just in-store and online coupons and discounts. These additional free services that are included in the pro account can help you figure out what items you buy most often. 

Through advanced search options in the Pro Xtra Workbench, you can see where you’re spending your money at Home Depot. 

You can track spending by item, department, job, or the store where you made the purchase. 

Track Your Purchases Online

Knowing what size piping or the exact number of 2x4s you purchased on a job is easy to recall for most busy professionals in the field. 

Luckily with the purchase tracking option that’s included in the Home Depot rewards program, you can access your purchase history by job, purchase order, location, or date. 

Purchase tracking can also be very helpful come tax season. You can export purchases to spreadsheets or accounting software such as QuickBooks so you can stay on top of your inventory before tax time, too. 

Credit Card Account Management

Managing your Home Depot rewards credit card purchases is easy from within the Pro Xtra Workbench. 

Home Depot credit card benefits extend beyond just the ease of tracking from the workbench though. 

You can link your Home Depot Pro Xtra card to your debit or credit card, checking account, or THD keytags. 

Reloadable Home Depot credit cards that have set spending limits can also be managed through the workbench. This allows you to issue cards to employees while still monitoring the amount that can be spent in a single visit. 

You can even link the reloadable cards to the Home Depot Pro app, so you can see detailed receipts from employee purchases. 

Order Approvals With Text2Confirm

Approving staff purchases from your phone saves so much time!

Text2Confirm lets you see what your staff is buying in real-time so you can make sure the correct materials are being purchased.

You can also use the text option to make payments on the spot via your phone. 

Trade Organization Discounts And Perks

If you belong to a professional trade organization, you’ll be able to receive some additional perks beyond the Home Depot Pro Xtra discount.  

NAA, IEC, NREIA, USC, and NARI are just a few of the organizations that are eligible for cash-back rebates, special pricing, and other exclusive perks. 

How To Save The Most Money With Your Home Depot Pro Xtra Account

It’s no secret that this free account program is a big money-saver for field services professionals. 

The best way that you can maximize the amount of money that you can save through the loyalty program is to know the options available to you. 

The vast amount of discounting and coupons available through the Home Depot pro account can leave room for lost savings if you don’t know the ins and outs of the program. 

Here are more of the ways you can save with the pro rewards at Home Depot.

Commercial Credit

If you’re looking to get a credit card through Home Depot, there are a variety of options to choose from. 

The cards all come with the same customer care and pro services Home Depot is known for.

The cards are easily integrated into the Pro Xtra Workbench so you can easily track all of your purchases by project, location, date, etc. 

Other benefits to the Home Depot card include: 

  • No annual fee

  • Flexible payment options

  • Easy-to-read, itemized billing statements

  • In-app and online account management and purchase tracking

  • 4x longer to make a return

  • Fuel Rewards savings program

  • Buyer ID cards

Pro Special Buy Of The Week

Home Depot pro benefits also include the Pro Special Buy Of The Week. 

This rotating weekly discount applies to certain items and is available to Home Depot pro rewards account members only. 

The special buy of the week includes multiple items in a similar category. Hardwood and wood-look flooring options were the weekly Home Depot Pro Xtra coupon for the week this article was written. 

Volume Pricing

Volume pricing is one of the top ways to save cash at Home Depot. Over 4,000 items are eligible for volume pricing through the Home Depot Pro Xtra program. 

These items are all available for bulk pricing at savings of up to 30 percent off:

  • Drywall

  • Mortar & concrete

  • Insulation

  • Conduit

  • Pavers

  • Roofing

  • Fencing

  • Paint tools & supplies

Shipping & Delivery Services

Free two-day shipping is available for thousands of items through the Home Depot Pro Xtra app or by phone. 

Express delivery options are available for additional fees. 

You can also pick up your order at the store. Free in-store pick-up is available on almost all online items. 

The Pro Xtra speedy checkout and loading options make in-store pick-ups a breeze. 

Expanded Assortment - The Home Depot Secret Menu

That’s right, there’s a secret menu at Home Depot. 

The Home Depot benefits and resources don’t just stop at what you see online or in stores. 

The Pro Desk can also help you find obscure tools, odd sizes of parts, rare products, and more!

The team at the Pro Desk will delve deep into the Home Depot’s network and find you that unique item to save you the headache of being on eBay all day looking for unusual parts. 

Mobile Coupons

Clipping coupons is a thing of the past. 

Get Home Depot pro coupons sent directly to your cell phone. You can opt to receive text alert about Pro Xtra exclusive deals, product updates, store specific information, and more. 

You’ll receive a Home Depot pro coupon for $5 when you sign up and you can opt-out of the text alerts at any time.

Tool Rental

If you’re working a job that requires a stump grinder or other highly specialized equipment, you’ll want to take note of the tool rental options available for pros. 

Buying big, expensive equipment presents multiple problems. Financing and storage are the top two issues to consider. If you’re not using the equipment often, it’s usually a good idea to consider renting tools or heavy machinery. 

Home Depot’s tool rental program is not just limited to tools. You can also rent trailers, trucks, and other transportation-related items. 

Additional Home Depot Pro Xtra Benefits

The Pro Xtra Home Depot discounts save you cash. They can also save you time. Here are some more ways they do both. 

Easy Ordering And Pickup

Ordering online or by phone is easy and fast with the Home Depot Pro Xtra app. Orders are ready to be picked up at your local store within 2 hours, typically. 

You’ll know that your purchase is ready to go when you arrive so you don’t waste time waiting around for your order to be filled. 

Reserved Parking

Pro services at Home Depot also include the VIP treatment when it comes to parking. Special Pro spots are reserved near the front of the store to save you the hassle of scouring the lot for a spot and for ease with loading materials. 

Special Checkout Options

Dedicated checkout lanes for members of the Home Depot Pro Xtra program are also a timesaver when you’re in a rush. 

Home Depot Extra Perks

Home Depot is known for its customer service and they extend that level of customer care to areas outside of the Home Depot pro loyalty program. 

Price Matching

Home Depot offers price matching plus an additional 10 percent discount to beat out competitor pricing. 

There are some exclusions to the price match option, so be sure that your competitor items are not: 

  • Seasonal items

  • Clearance products

  • Custom or specialty orders

  • Items sold through third-party or discount sites 

  • Competitor pricing for professional services

Overstock Pricing

Overstock pricing is available on a variety of products online and in-store. Electrical, flooring, and lighting are just a few of the departments that you can find bargains in when Home Depot overstocks on certain products. 

Is Home Depot Pro Xtra Better Than Lowe’s Pro Desk?

If you’re struggling to decide between the two competing home repair megastores’ savings programs, fret not. 

Both loyalty programs are free, so if you spend time and money at both, it’s a good idea to have a pro account at each store. 

To get the maximum benefits from the rewards programs and for ease with tracking purchases, it could be preferable to have just one chain for the bulk of your shopping. 

While there are many similarities between the two stores, there are some slight differences in services, selection, and discounts. 

Home Depot Pro Xtra Review Conclusion

The Home Depot Pro Xtra account is a great tool to have in your arsenal of discounts, coupons, and other money-saving tactics. 

The easy access to coupons, updated sales, as well as purchase tracking features make this free tool a must have for contractors who shop at Home Depot often. 

Sign up today to see how much time and money you can save with all of the free features and tools that are available through the Home Depot Pro account.

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