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ServiceTitan Stays No. 1 in G2 Rankings for Third Straight Quarter

Pat McManamon
October 13th, 2021
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It’s great to be No. 1.

It’s better to stay there.

For the third quarter in a row, ServiceTitan ranks first in the ratings of field service management software by G2, the industry leader in technology company reviews.

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ServiceTitan extended its lead in ratings from small companies, and maintained the lead among medium-sized organizations. (Large companies, by G2’s definition, have more than 1,000 employees, and ServiceTitan clients aren’t that large). 

“If you aren’t using ServiceTitan, you’re doing it wrong,” wrote Accounting Manager Courtney C in a headline of a review (G2 does not use full last names).

In the October 2021 ratings, 92 of ServiceTitan’s 124 reviews (74%) were five-star, and 116 of 124 (93.5%) were either four- or five-star.

ServiceTitan received a score of 91 (of 100) on satisfaction, 96 in market presence and 93 overall. It was rated first in the “easiest to use” ratings.

“I truly believe their platform is advancing faster than any other platform and they are moving quickly in the right direction to include more features at an incredible pace” wrote Brian H, an Operations and Marketing Manager

G2 says it tries to help businesses “discover, buy, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential” based on several factors, and it judges those factors through surveys of those who know the products best — customers.

In ServiceTitan’s case, that means businesses in the trades who run their company with the all-in-one, cloud-based software and mobile app. Basically, the people who depend on it every day.

G2’s satisfaction ratings are based on eight broad categories:

  • Likelihood to recommend

  • Product direction

  • Meets requirements

  • Ease of admin

  • Ease of doing business with

  • Quality of support

  • Ease of setup

  • Ease of use

ServiceTitan ranks at 90% or higher in four categories, with 97% saying the product is going in the right direction. Other 90-plus ratings came in likelihood to recommend (90%), ease of doing business with (97%) and ease of use (94%). The software was at or above 87% in ease of admin, quality of support and meets requirements.

One area of concern showed in ease of setup, which was rated 79% in satisfaction, below the average. 

As honored as ServiceTitan is to have the high ratings, the company knows the work is not done. Raising the ease of setup rating is high on that list. 

Recognizing the challenges of implementing a robust, all-in-one software, ServiceTitan is working to streamline the onboarding process to more quickly set companies up for success.

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Tom Howard, ServiceTitan’s Vice President of Customer Experience, said the company’s goal is to “get the implementation time down to a matter of days so that we can give large-enterprise power to the average small business, without a lot of work.”

“And we are heading toward that goal,” Howard said. “Our product has more features built right into it than our competitors, and that’s why we have grown as large as we have.

“What we have to do is find easier ways to get all of these features implemented for our customers more quickly without a lot of setup.  

“We recently cut our onboarding process for small and midmarket customers by 50% by automating a lot of the setup. We are currently running a test to cut it by an additional 60% from there.”

B2B reviews are important for all businesses, especially in a world where few will choose a restaurant, car or a home services company without first reading the reviews. Customers read reviews for mission-critical software for their business as well.

G2 uses an algorithm that includes multiple data points, including: 

  • Recency of the review

  • Amount of feedback provided

  • Whether the reviewer uses his or her name and company, and

  • Whether the reviewer is a verified user of the product.

“Best of” lists reflect reviews submitted in the evaluation period. 

 A sampling of comments on ServiceTitan touched on a variety of topics. Among them:

Customer support

  • “… always there if you need something and the best reporting features I've seen.” – Courtney C

  • “They are always ready to listen, ever-evolving, and pleasant to talk with when I need something.” – Suzanne W., Call Center Manager

  • “ServiceTitan is made up of problem solvers just like us.” Robin C


  • “We can research jobs quickly, and appointments have made scheduling and dispatching large projects and multi-day jobs so much easier than before.” – Suzanne W

  • “Depending on what it is that you are looking for in a dispatching database, ServiceTitan has all the bells and whistles.” – Jacqueline S

  • “I like that the dispatch board tells me so much at a glance. I don't have to make phone calls to find out where the technicians are. I don't have to ask another CSR what appointment slots are available to book. I can tell a customer that the technician is en route without calling that technician or putting the customer on hold.” -- Jennifer E.

Phone integration

  • “When a current customer calls in, a bubble shows with the customer’s name, and just by clicking on the bubble we are immediately taken to the customer’s account showing all details of work history, contact information as well as a balance on the account if there should be one.” – Resa B, Office Manager

  • “ … our CSR's can know who a customer is within seconds of answering the phone. We know when we visited them last, where they are located, what kind of equipment they have. Service Titan is an all-in-one solution for home service industry businesses.” -- Evan R, Marketing Coordinator


  • “(The biggest benefit is) knowing where our company is at all times in terms of revenue, goals and KPIs.” – David P, contact center manager/head of IT

  • “ … what gets measured gets done.” – Tami L 

Availability of information

  • “Everybody in our company is now working off of the same information. Gone are the days of hunting down carbon copy work orders and trying to guess how much work each technician has left.” – Evan R, Marketing Coordinator

  • “ServiceTitan gives us complete visibility and functionality to stay on top of our business. The transparency has aided our staff in understanding our company goals and helps the team reach for the stars!” – Sarah T

  • “ServiceTitan has allowed us to track how our employees, both dispatchers, and technicians, are performing. We can also track recalls on jobs and customer complaints. These features allow us to see where we can make improvements.” – Courtney C

Community of users

  • “One of the best things about ServiceTitan is the community that is on Facebook that allows you to ask questions to other contractors that are using the software.” – Renee L

  • “ … the best community of our ServiceTitan users that I have ever witnessed with any other software.” – Ryan G

  • “I have learned so much from the Facebook group community and the other users within that community. ... If there is ever anything that I or my employees need to know there is always an answer that can be found.” – Alisha W

 How the software adapts

  • “ServiceTitan is forever evolving and improving, so it is nice to have software grow with you.” – Amber L, S.T.E.V.I.E., ServiceTitan Efficiency Verification and Implementation Expert

  • “ … it is a living, changing product that changes based on the feedback from users. I have used this software since 2015 and it has grown as we have grown.” – Robin C, Director of HR and Marketing

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