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Announcing ServiceTitan Marketing Pro - Direct Mail and Reputation

Melani Deyto
October 20th, 2020
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Today’s highest performing contractors are ones that effectively use their customer data to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. They know that in order to get their CSRs busy answering phones, they need to be visible to customers at just the right moment. Whether a homeowner is checking their inbox, opening their mailbox or searching for “best plumber” or “recommended electrician near me,” the business they ultimately choose will be the one that consistently shows up as trustworthy and ready to serve.

So why isn’t every contractor doing this? Because they’re not fully leveraging their customer data to target their audience, streamline their marketing processes and optimize their business based on customer insights.

It’s much easier for a business to send a one-size-fits-all message to their entire customer base or ignore what customers are saying about them online. And if they are doing the work to run targeted campaigns and respond to reviews, countless hours are spent exporting, importing, copying, pasting and logging into and out of the dozens of marketing tools in their toolbelt. Service businesses that continue down this path risk losing revenue to their more data-driven, customer focused competitors.

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Targeted, automated, effortless marketing: all in one place

Today, ServiceTitan is launching Direct Mail and Reputation, two new marketing channels built into ServiceTitan Marketing Pro to help drive more calls and booked jobs for your field service business. 

In addition to Marketing Pro’s email tools, we’ve made it easy to reach your existing customers with postcards that automatically get mailed based on triggers you set. And, to help you show up higher in search and get more people engaging with your business, we’ve brought everything you need to generate and manage your reviews and listings all into ServiceTitan.

Stand out and build brand trust

Direct mail is nothing new to the trades. You’re probably already doing some form of direct mail marketing because of the opportunity it gives your business to stand out. According to USPS, the average household receives only 2 different pieces of direct mail a day — compared to 157 emails. Brand recall is 70% higher when customers are exposed to direct mail as opposed to digital. And according to the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail response rates are as high as 9% for house lists and 4.9% for prospect lists — compared to 1% or less for digital channels like email or online ads.

Hassle-free direct mail automation

With Marketing Pro — Direct Mail, you can focus your marketing dollars on generating more revenue from your existing customers with automated postcard campaigns. The more targeted your mailing, the higher your response rates. Here are some examples of campaigns you can run:

  • Send a postcard offering a discount off a new water heater purchase when a homeowner becomes a member

  • Re-engage the homeowner whose new addition you rough wired last year

  • Remind a past customer to change their air filter before summer temperatures soar

  • Send a thank you to a homeowner that just purchased an expensive, tankless water heater

  • Send friendly postcard reminders to schedule appointments for maintenance visits

With direct mail automation, you no longer have to hassle with mail houses, haggle with print vendors or deal with manual list pulls. What normally takes weeks to do now takes just a few minutes. Simply upload your designed postcard, add your logo and some copy and your unique campaign tracking number. Then set your campaign to automatically send to highly-targeted audiences built with Marketing Pro. For customers already on Marketing Pro, you’ll find sending a postcard is as just as easy as sending an email.

“This is a lot better than how I used to do Direct Mail because I’m in control. I can get it done a lot faster … often in less than an hour.” 

—Cherie Hudson, VP of Client Relations,  NICE Home Services

Added bonus: With targeted and automated direct mail, you no longer have to send in volume. Marketing Pro lets you send however many postcards you need to reach your hyper-targeted audience -- and you will always pay one flat rate per piece.  Plus, we close the loop on performance reporting by showing you exactly how many calls, booked jobs and revenue your postcards generated for your business.

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Outrank your competitors with a reputation that shines

We know how hard our contractors work to deliver the best customer experience and earn their customers’ trust. Are you converting every one of your customers into a raving fan that can bring even more customers your way? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to turn your favorable reputation into revenue. 

If you aren’t actively trying to increase your number of reviews — you should be. A strong online reputation means customers AND search engines trust your business more. According to a Yext customer study, 93% of consumers look at a company’s reviews when deciding whether or not to do business with them. And the higher those ratings, the better. Four- or five-star businesses are positioned 9% higher in the Google local pack than 2-3  star businesses. 

The volume and recency of reviews also impacts whether or not a customer engages with your business. A study published in Psychological Science showed that when faced with a choice of two products with equally low ratings, customers routinely selected the product with more reviews. Also, a TrustPilot survey revealed that 16% of consumers think reviews are too old after 3 months, 36% after 6 months and 65% after a year. To effectively win against your competitors, you need to keep quality reviews coming in across multiple channels and platforms.

Get more reviews, respond quickly and match them to technicians and job

With ServiceTitan Marketing Pro — Reputation, contractors can generate, monitor and respond to reviews all in one place. You can automate your review requests by SMS or email after a job is complete and ask customers to rate your service. If they had a negative experience, you have the choice to gather their feedback before they post on a review site. 

”Our Google Reviews spiked when we started using Marketing Pro — Reputation. It’s so much easier to use ServiceTitan and not rely on the API!”

— Jessica Wooodruff Smith, Business Operations Manager, Hurley & David

Users of Marketing Pro — Reputation also have the ability to update their business listing information once and have consistent, accurate information populate on more than 60 sites. If you move or add a new location, post different holiday hours, or end up with inaccurate listings, Marketing Pro makes it easy to create one source of truth for your business.

“Marketing Pro — Reputation pulled in over 80 of our listings that have been floating around the internet for years … there’s no way that we would’ve been able to find all of those sites, claim ownership, and correct the information as fast as we did it in Marketing Pro — Reputation.” 

— Phil Gorjanc, General Manager, Gorjanc Comfort Services

Unlike other reputation platforms, Marketing Pro — Reputation will also give businesses the ability to match reviews to technicians and jobs. No need to spend time with a spreadsheet figuring out which reviews go with which techs and then copying and pasting that  information into ServiceTitan. Tying your reviews to data in ServiceTitan opens up future opportunities as well, like automating technician incentives based on reviews.

If you’re an existing Marketing Pro subscriber, contact a Pro Product representative for a demo and upgrade to the new version of Marketing Pro. 

Don’t have Marketing Pro yet? Let us show you how to maximize every opportunity across email, direct mail and reputation — all included in ServiceTitan Marketing Pro. Request a demo at and ask about our SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get Marketing Pro FREE until the end of 2020 when you sign up for a paid subscription. 

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