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ServiceTitan’s data security focus protects our reputation—and yours

March 30th, 2022
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Online safety is paramount in the internet age. The ease, convenience, and strength of online work also make said work vulnerable to bad actors who may try to steal personal or financial data.

ServiceTitan is well aware of the concerns, risks, and dangers posed by hackers, who aren’t a whole lot different from Wild West outlaws.

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Among the company’s most recent initiatives is setting up a portal that provides all the information about its security efforts and compliance certifications. Cassio Goldschmidt, ServiceTitan Senior Director and Chief Information Security Officer, said is a hub where customers “can obtain information related to privacy, security, and compliance as well as to subscribe to security notifications and communicate directly with the security team.” 

An internationally recognized expert in the field, Goldschmidt is tasked with ensuring the data housed in ServiceTitan is safe and protected from hackers, ransomware, and unauthorized access. His approach is refined from decades in cybersecurity work at many different businesses and is focused on vital proactive steps and transparency. 

“This type of portal, you’re going to see in companies such as Salesforce or Microsoft, but you’re not going to see it in small companies,” Goldschmidt said. “Sometimes in small companies, when you talk about security, it’s the IT practitioner who became the person responsible for security because there was nobody else. Here, the story is different.”

Goldschmidt has worked in online security for Fortune 500 companies and startups. He has an MBA, a Master of Science in software engineering, and years of hands-on experience in information security. 

Among his honors are to be appointed as one of the winners of CISO’s connect C100 2021, an award which commends the preeminent security leaders across the United States and the winner of (ISC)2 Ninth Annual Information Security Leadership Awards for all Americas. 

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He’s proud of what ServiceTitan makes available to customers. 

“You have access to everything you might need related to audits and certifications,” Goldschmidt said. “If you have questions, you can subscribe to the portal and get immediate answers about security or compliance.“ 

It’s important to note that while ServiceTitan complies with standards and audits, Goldschmidt doesn’t believe that “compliant” is the same as secure.

“Security is more than compliance,” Goldschmidt said. “A lot of times, companies just check the boxes and move on. We try to go above and beyond.” 

Independent reviews illustrate the work and commitment from the team and the business itself. 

Security Scorecard, an independent reviewer of cybersecurity for businesses, ranks ServiceTitan an A, with an overall grade of 98/100 in cybersecurity. In eight of the 10 categories assessed, ServiceTitan receives a perfect score, which puts it in front of its peers in the technology industry in most security categories, and not behind in any. (Among the categories: Hacker Chatter, Information Leak, Social Engineering, Network Security, and DNS Health.)

Similar cybersecurity review sites such as UpGuard and SSLLabs also give ServiceTitan glittering marks. “These numbers represent our reputation. They represent how we protect our customer data,” Goldschmidt said. 

Goldschmidt will not rest or gloat. His emphasis: Staying humble. He recognizes that cloud-based software provides benefits to customers but also adds data points for those who might want to do harm. 

The team is vigilant about ransomware, where a bad actor hijacks a site and demands a “ransom” to free it. The team has also taken extra steps to check the dark web to protect customers and safeguard the ServiceTitan community.

“A data breach can ruin your business,” he said. “If something happens with your data, you’re going to have fines. You’re going to have to work with lawyers. You’re going to have to do some forensics to understand the extent of what happened.”

By implementing industry best practices and staying ahead of the curve, ServiceTitan strives to reduce the likelihood and the impact of security incidents.

With the introduction of the Smart Trust Center, “we provide the transparency that customers deserve: A highly qualified team working on security, and prove what we're saying is not just about trusting my words,” Goldschmidt said. 

“We take security seriously.”

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