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How A Cloud Based Phone System (VoIP) Takes Customer Experience to the Next Level

Angelica Navarro
May 15th, 2020
4 Min Read

Imagine you’re calling a business because you’re interested in purchasing something and have a question. The phone rings and rings, and finally, someone answers it. They hurriedly say the business name and ask you to hold before you can get a word in. 

This is something most of us have likely experienced before. More often than not, it leaves a bad first impression. It’s worse if the call is accidentally disconnected, the customer is left on hold too long, or a CSR provides less-than-stellar service.

To build lasting relationships with your customers, it’s essential to provide a great experience starting from the moment they call you. A cloud based phone system (also known as voice over IP, or VoIP) can help you do this by streamlining the call process and offering tools to help your staff provide better service. 

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If you haven’t yet considered one for your business, here are a few compelling ways a cloud-based system takes customer experience to the next level. 

Customers can reach you more easily.

It’s safe to say many customers who call your business are driven by need. Maybe their A/C unit is blowing hot air. Or their home is flooding due to a leak. These things cause homeowners a lot of stress. Their first priority will be to find someone who can help. 

If they can’t reach you, you miss out on getting into the home to fix the problem and identify other revenue-generating opportunities. A cloud based phone system lets you take calls remotely, so you’re not tied to a physical desk phone. You can even forward them to a cell phone after hours, further increasing your availability.

Being available is a huge part of delivering an excellent customer experience. It boosts your reliability and makes you more likely to be the one customers call on when they need service. 

Call intake and routing are more efficient.

As we mentioned earlier, need plays a big role in why customers pick the phone up to call your business. If the phone rings repeatedly with no answer or they sit on hold too long, it creates a poor experience right off the bat. 33% of customers are frustrated most by sitting on hold, and you don’t want to lose them to the competition.

For CSRs, rushing to keep up with ringing phones affects their ability to provide calm, friendly service. It can also cause slip-ups when completing data entry or follow-up tasks. 

Many cloud based phone systems offer automated call answering and routing, so calls are answered right away and go to the right place. Some have advanced features like in-queue callback that let customers receive a call back when it’s their turn - no more waiting on hold! These contribute to a more pleasant customer experience and help ease the stress on your CSRs.

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Incoming calls are automatically linked to customer information.

When CSRs are on calls, they often lose valuable time searching for customer information, purchases, or service history. Tabbing between too many open windows while on the phone can lead to inaccurate record-keeping and redundant conversations that frustrate both your CSRs and customers. 

Cloud based phone systems integrate with your field service software, linking incoming calls with customer information in real time. This lets your CSRs see everything on one screen, making the call process faster and more seamless. Your customers will also appreciate the improved call experience.

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You unlock valuable insights to help CSRs give five-star service.

There’s no doubt your CSRs play a pivotal role in your business’s success. After all, they provide the first impression when customers call. You should know how well they’re performing and if they’re delivering the level of service you expect. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to get a good picture of this with traditional phone systems.

With cloud based systems, manually linking calls to booked jobs and reclassifying abandoned calls are things of the past. You can also get a pulse on how quickly calls are answered, how long customers are on hold, and even get real-time call sentiment during an active call.

The ability to proactively identify coaching opportunities is a major benefit of a cloud based phone system, because it empowers you to improve not just the call experience, but the customer experience as a whole. 

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