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ServiceTitan + Clopay: A Shared Vision of Success for Garage Door Contractors

Monica Barndt
February 19th, 2020
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ServiceTitan is excited to announce our new partnership with Clopay, a leading manufacturer of residential overhead garage and commercial rolling doors. Our partnership is designed to drive contractor efficiencies, revenue, and customer satisfaction, by delivering streamlined workflows and improved data accuracy.

Why ServiceTitan and Clopay? 

You already know that ServiceTitan is the all-in-one software solution for the home services industry. And garage door contractors trust Clopay, an innovative and award-winning manufacturer who has been serving the same industry since 1859.  

As part of our shared vision to better serve garage door contractors, ServiceTitan has integrated with Clopay’s web-based MyDoor application, a robust sales tool that helps technicians win more sales by allowing customers to customize and visualize their door configurations.

What is MyDoor?

MyDoor is an application which allows technicians to easily walk customers through the budget, design, and build of customized garage door systems, which include panel styles, colors, fixtures, rails, and accessories. Technicians and office staff can also create quotes and submit orders to Clopay directly through MyDoor. Through our integration, customer, product, estimate, and order data will flow seamlessly between ServiceTitan Mobile and MyDoor, creating a streamlined workflow between the two applications.

With the integration, our mutual customers will:

  • Optimize efficiency by combining the power of two platforms designed to streamline technician and office workflows.

  • Increase data accuracy with information that flows seamlessly between ServiceTitan Mobile and MyDoor, eliminating redundant data entry and errors.

  • Drive more revenue by allowing technicians to easily help customers visualize and customize their garage door configurations.

“The integration of ServiceTitan and MyDoor has been a blessing. The customer and quote information passes between the two systems, saving us time, money, and reduces the chance to make errors.”

- Gary DeJong, President, American Overhead Doors

With consistent data delivered across both platforms, garage door businesses minimize the hassle of redundant data entry and the pain of tracking and fixing errors. With accurate estimates and orders, customers are met with a better experience, leading to systems that are more likely to be delivered on time, in exactly the configuration they wanted.

The MyDoor integration is ready to use in ServiceTitan. Contact our specialists to learn more and start winning more sales today!

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