Introducing Servicetitan and Clopay

Two industry leaders partnering to supercharge your business.

ServiceTitan and Clopay are proud to announce a new collaboration to improve dealer efficiencies, customer satisfaction, sales and profits. Users of both services can streamline the door ordering process with Clopay’s MyDoor service—now accessible in ServiceTitan Mobile.

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Streamline Quoting and Ordering

With ServiceTitan's MyDoor integration, customer information flows seamlessly into MyDoor, allowing garage door sales and service technicians to easily configure and present quotes. Orders are sent into ServiceTitan, making tracking and processing of Clopay doors easier than ever.

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Drive more revenue in less time

Manually re-entering quotes from MyDoor into ServiceTitan used to be time-consuming, an inconvenience to customers, and created inconsistencies in the door ordering process. With this new integration, ServiceTitan Mobile users can now easily access MyDoor, create quotes and send them directly to ServiceTitan.

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Stand out from the competition

A market-leading field management software solution enhances every aspect of your garage door business—from call booking to billing and accounting. Combined with the power of MyDoor, ServiceTitan is ready to position you ahead of competitors.

What is MyDoor?

MyDoor is the industry’s leading consumer visualization, quoting, tracking and selling tool. It’s a web-based application, which allows dealers to easily guide homeowners through the sales cycle while educating them and providing a convenient door design and purchasing experience. Dealers using MyDoor have seen a 32% increase in sales in their first year of use.

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A shared vision to drive your success.

ServiceTitan and Clopay share a vision of the service industry where professionals leverage intuitive, cloud-based technology to reinvent the customer experience and drive next-level success. That's why they're committed to building the most innovative integrations, collaborating to provide exclusive offers, and resolving customer concerns quickly and thoroughly to ensure the success of our mutual customers.

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