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ServiceTitan and Carrier/Bryant Integration: Pricebook, Lead Generation + More

Ann Feister
September 16th, 2020
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The biggest indicator of success of a product integration is how useful it is for contractors. 

That’s why Elaine Rosenthal of Colony AC in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is excited about the new integration between ServiceTitan and Carrier/Bryant brands. She says she expects it to be incredibly useful. 

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Rosenthal highlighted how the integration between the leading home and commercial services software and Carrier will help her team process rebates more efficiently.

The key benefits of the ServiceTitan integration with Carrier and Bryant — which represent the largest share of the North American residential HVAC market: 

  • Cloud-based Pricebook sync: Customers can stay up-to-date with seamless workflows between their ServiceTitan Pricebook and Carrier and Bryant’s content catalog.

  • Instantly delivered leads: Customers can receive job leads from Carrier/Bryant’s web booking portals. 

  • Seamless warranty process: Integrated registration, warranty and claim processing simplifies workflows and tracking for everyone on our customers’ team (expected 2021).  

  • New use for Carrier / Bryant Co-Op Advertising Funds. Customers can invest hard-earned co-op funds back into their business. Through ServiceTitan’s collaboration with Carrier / Bryant, dealers may be able to use funds towards the cost of ServiceTitan subscription fees.

Lead integration puts web leads directly into ServiceTitan

This new lead integration of the Carrier + Bryant brands and ServiceTitan will be similar to the integration with Google’s Local Services Ads. Leads from the Carrier/Bryant web portal will be pushed straight to the ServiceTitan account.

That, Rosenthal says, improves efficiency because it links local homeowners directly to home services companies powered by ServiceTitan when they find products on Carrier’s websites. 

“I'm really excited about the integration with Carrier and their web leads,” Rosenthal says. “If we can streamline the process by sending over that lead straight to our ServiceTitan, we can book it within a matter of seconds.

“We’ll automatically get the alert right in front of our face, and we won’t miss a lead.”

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Rebate processing integration saves time and money

Rebates from Carrier and other companies are part of the nudge HVAC companies need to push the books into the black each month. Making sure that they are submitted properly to ensure fast and accurate payments can be a job in itself. 

A part of the integration expected to be available in 2021 will streamline the process and eliminate worries, Rosenthal says. 

“Manual reports that I’ve had to use in years' past, I would have to literally go through our schedule day by day, and then write down each customer name, the type of equipment that they had, and the amount of the rebate,” she says. 

“Now I just pull the report, upload it into Excel, and you don't have to print anything. You literally can copy and paste the information. It's just amazing. I would say that it probably cuts my time by 75 percent.”

With other software platforms, Rosenthal and her team found that they were constantly having to find workarounds to integrate their pre-existing rebate systems. Since Colony AC joined ServiceTitan earlier this year, they’ve seen a dramatic reduction in the amount of time spent trying to configure different platforms and systems because they have added tags for Carrier rebates. 

“Nothing's falling through the cracks,” Rosenthal said. “So it's amazing because I'm not perfect, and I can't keep up with all of that. It has actually allowed me to be able to delegate that task out to somebody else in my office.”

The integration with Carrier will only improve the situation further by automating it. 

“One missed rebate could be $1,000,” she says. “So with us being able to pull this report, I can now delegate this task on to somebody else, and I know that it's going to get done and nothing's going to get missed.

“Now I free up all that time for myself.”

Integration adds features to streamline business

Other features being rolled out with the Carrier integration are exciting for Rosenthal as well. 

One that particularly excites Rosenthal is a feature that, with an expected release date in 2021, will allow Carrier to load marketing templates directly into ServiceTitan Marketing Pro. The integration will also link with Carrier's connected home solution to remotely monitor a HVAC system's performance. 

“This would be extremely helpful if we were able to automate that process,” Rosenthal said. “With the current process, we get the notification via email, and then of course if you're not staring at your inbox, there's a waiting period there. And then the customer's naturally just going to call in. They're going to see it. But if we can beat them to it and call them, I mean, what more can you do for customer service than that?”

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