Top 23 Best Electrician Blogs For Industry Professionals

Robert PilkingtonApril 24th, 2018

Homeowners rely on electricity more than ever and both they and the electricians that serve them are bombarded with new technologies, energy considerations, and cost concerns as they safely and efficiently power their homes.

As a professional electrician, it's essential that you stay ahead of industry trends and ensure that you and your team are not only adhering to best practices, but ensuring that your business remains a knowledgeable and sought-after service provider in your community.

Below, we have compiled some of the most trusted and informative blogs, resources, and electrical contractors forums on the web for professional electricians, contractors, and business owners looking to stay engaged with their industry and leading in their marketplace.

1. Service Roundtable Blog

Service Roundtable.png

The country's largest private organization of contractors, Service Roundtable is dedicated to providing electrical, plumbing, solar, and HVAC professionals with the resources they need to thrive in the marketplace. The association's blog includes topics relevant to business owners across all home services sectors and frequently dives into industry-specific subjects.

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2. VitalStorm Blog


VitalStorm helps businesses measure their online metrics to better generate leads, optimize promotional efforts, and boost revenue. Electrical contractors and business owners can find approachable, actionable insight on web marketing and making sure their business' online presence is following best practices.

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3. Electrician Talk Articles

ElectricianTalk.png is one of the most prominent online communities for professional electricians. You can find an array of discussion topics on the site's forums (which are free to join) along with regularly published articles filled with news, industry tips, and product reviews for the modern electrician.

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4. Electrical News

Electrical News.png

Electrical News has been a leading industry publication for more than three decades. It's contributor blogs have not been updated in a while, but its archive and its entire site full of regional, national, and international news on the industry continues to be a go-to resource for electrical professionals.

5. IEC 

IEC Insights.png

Independent Electrical Contractors is a nonprofit organization with 50 local chapters and educational campuses around the country. Insights Magazine is its online outlet for industry news, advice from experts, updates on the organization, and more.

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6. Electrical Marketing

Electrical Marketing.png

Electrical Marketing offers high-level news, product reviews, profiles, and other content on electrical technology and economic trends. While the site is intended for manufacturers and distributors, the site is a tremendous resource for professional electricians looking for insight on the events, mergers, and deals that loom over the industry.

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7. Electrical Solutions

Electrical Solutions.png

Electrical Solutions is a publication dedicated to "Connecting Buyers and Sellers of Electrical and Utility Equipment." Electrical professionals can browse its site for news on everything from the newest products and warranties to emerging industry players and economic analysis.

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8. r/electricians

Electrician Reddit.png

Reddit is home to one of the web's most bustling and widely-used electrician communities. Professionals, industry veterans, DIYers, and homeowners converge on the electricians subreddit to discuss all things residential electrical work.

9. IBEW Media Center


The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is comprised of more than 750,000 professionals and retirees across various industries (including construction and utilities) in U.S. and Canada. The IBEW Media Center is updated with IBEW news, local interest stories featuring electrical professionals, and perspective on national headlines poised to impact the industry.

10. NECA Newsroom


The National Electrical Contractors Association can trace its origins back more than 100 years and remains one of the leading organizations dedicated to bettering the industry. The NECE Newsroom is regularly updated with association updates, industry how-tos, and news on legislation predicted to impact electricians all over the U.S.

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11. Contractor Talk Electrical Forum


Contractor Talk is one of the most comprehensive contractor hubs on the web with dedicated forums for various trades and disciplines. The Electrical forum is well-populated with experienced professionals and veterans lending their insight and expertise to a wide array of different contracting topics.

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12. Mike Holt's Forum


Mike Holt Enterprises is an educational training service for those looking to join the industry as a professional electrician. The Mike Holt forum is active with discussions between seasoned electricians, inspectors, engineers, and those on their journey to becoming a professional contractor.

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13. HouseRepair Talk Electrical and Wiring Forum


HouseRepairTalk is an online forum for homeowners and contractors to discuss various types of repair, installation, and construction projects. Their Electrical and Wiring section which includes nearly 15,000 posts is the place to find electrical professionals and homeowners discussing the finer points of their electrical questions and woes.

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14. My LED Lighting Guide Blog


If you're an electrician that frequently installs or replaces LED lights and lighting fixtures, you will probably find the My LED Lighting Guide blog filled with useful articles and product reviews. A leading LED distributor for the last 10 years, My LED Lighting has aimed to be a leading online resource for electrical and construction professionals who work with this type of lighting.

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15. Electrical Career Now Blog


Electrical Career Now is here to help connect those interested in a career as an electrician or an electronics engineer with local schools and training programs. The organization's blog isn't updated often, but the organization's content continues to be a springboard for those just entering the industry.

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16. Klein Tools Blog


Klein Tools is the manufacturer and distributor of a trusted line of tools and hardware made especially for professionals in the trades. The Klein Tools blog (which is regularly updated) tackles various industry trends and concerns everything from on-the-job safety to industry profiles, company news, product reviews, and more.

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17. Lighting Supply Blog


Lighting Supply is a prominent online distributor of lighting and lighting hardware. The company's informative and comprehensive blog is endlessly useful for industry professionals who need to bone-up on lighting principles, new product reviews, and other useful, lighting-oriented topics.

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18. Electrical Web Solutions Blog


Electrical Web Solutions was founded by industry vets who wanted to give electricians and electrical contractors a leg up when it came to promoting and furthering their businesses online. While the company isn't taking on new clients (as of this writing), its blog is full of marketing ideas, insights, and trends intended directly for professional electricians and their businesses.

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19. EGIA Blog


The Electric & Gas Industries Association is a non-profit dedicated to better supporting and promoting clean energy solutions throughout the home improvement industry. Professional electricians will find the EGIA blog filled with pertinent and essential home service resources, including industry surveys, expert advice, podcasts, and more.

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20. ESI Blog 


Electricians Success International (ESI) is a membership organization committed to helping residential electricians throughout North America further their careers in the marketplace. The ESI Blog is brimming with advice for industry professionals, including on topics ranging from customer service, management techniques, scheduling best practices, and much more.

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21. Nexstar Blog


Nexstar is one of the nation's most prominent member-owned organizations for home service professionals. The Nexstar blog is brimming with information for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC companies, including industry profiles, market insights, and other resources to help electricians better run their business and stay engaged with the industry.

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22. Electrical Contractor


Electrical Contractor has been a leading industry publication since 1935. Its print editions continue to be a mainstay for industry professionals, but its online Industry Watch blog can help subscribers and non-subscribers alike keep up with headlines, features, and news of interest to electrical contractors all over the country.

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23. Electrician Apprentice HQ


Electrician Apprentice Headquarters is an online resource for professional electricians at every skill level. While the site is dedicated to helping newcomers find a foothold for their careers, the Electrician Apprentice HQ blog features product reviews, best practices, industry news and trends, and much more.

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