30 Must-Read Electrician Blogs to Stay Plugged In to the Industry

Brittany Paris
December 23rd, 2020
13 Min Read

Homeowners and businesses rely on more electricity than ever. Both customers and the electricians who serve them must work at keeping up with new technologies, increased energy demands, and cost concerns related to updated regulations or new equipment as they safely and efficiently power their homes or offices. 

In order to make more sales, it’s also vital for electrical service companies to educate customers on a wide array of electricity-related issues and products. Electrician blogs and other forms of online content offer the perfect tool for achieving both. 

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As a professional electrician, you’re tasked with staying ahead of electrical industry trends and adhering to best practices. Thanks to the proliferation of informative online content, it’s easier than ever to continuously learn new information through electrician blogs, webinars, podcasts, social posts, mentors, industry groups, speakers, and contractor events. 

Staying abreast of what’s changing and happening in the electrical contractors’ world ensures your company will remain a knowledgeable and sought-after service provider in your community. It also protects you and your electricians from making potentially costly or dangerous mistakes, and gives you new ideas on how to increase profitability. 

Below, we’ve compiled 30 of the most trusted and informative electrician blogs, online resources, and electrical contractor forums available for professional electricians, electrical contractors, and business owners who want to stay engaged with the industry and become leaders in their marketplace. If you’re looking to start your own electrician blog to better serve your company’s customers (we highly recommend it), you can gather plenty of quality topic ideas from this list.

The top electrical blogs and electrician forums ranked below are divided by the following key categories:

  • Electrical Industry Blogs & Forums

  • Electrician Training Blogs

  • Service Contractor Blogs & Electrician Forums

  • Electrical Contractor Supplier Blogs

  • Digital Marketing Blogs for Electricians

  • Best Electrician Blogs by Service Companies

1. Electrician Talk Articles

ElectricianTalk.com offers one of the most prominent online communities for professional electricians. You can find a heap of different discussion topics on the website's free forums, along with regularly published electrician blogs and news articles full of hot industry topics, helpful tips, and product reviews for the modern electrical contractor.

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2. Electrical News

Electrical News is a leading industry publication established more than three decades ago. Its contributor blogs feature timely and helpful topics, while the website’s archive and additional content offer a wide range of regional, national, and international electrical industry news articles, making it a reliable go-to resource when searching for electrician blogs.

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3. Electrical Contractor Magazine

Electrical Contractor is a monthly print and online magazine published by the National Electrical Contractors Association. Founded more than 100 years ago, the NECA remains one of the most prominent organizations dedicated to the electrical contracting industry. 

In addition to the flagship magazine, the NECA recently launched a supplemental quarterly magazine called Safety Leader, and the NECA Newsroom regularly posts on its website association updates, industry how-to articles and educational webinars, along with relevant news on legislation predicted to impact electricians. They also publish and distribute a number of specialized newsletters you can sign up to receive in your inbox.

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4. EGIA Blog

The nonprofit Electric & Gas Industries Association provides a variety of services, tools, and top-notch content to help electrical contractors succeed in business. The EGIA’s popular home service blog serves up pertinent and essential content for electricians, including industry surveys, expert business advice, podcasts, and videos.

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5. IEC Insights Magazine

Independent Electrical Contractors, a nonprofit organization with 50 local chapters and educational campuses around the country, produces Insights Magazine as an online outlet for electrical industry news, advice from expert electricians, updates on the IEC organization, and more.

6. Voltage

The Voltage publication and website strives to connect buyers and sellers of electrical and utility equipment. Electrical professionals can browse the site or digital magazine for free news on everything from the newest electrical products and warranties to emerging industry players and economic analyses.

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7. Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) Magazine

EC&M serves electrical industry professionals with a monthly magazine, eNewsletters, and a wealth of online content about electrical design, construction trends, business operations, electrical systems technologies, and maintenance solutions used by commercial electricians and in industrial and institutional building applications. Offering a free print and digital version of the magazine to U.S. residents, EC&M delivers technical information, construction and market forecasts, and product reviews to electrical professionals. 

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8. r/electricians

Reddit hosts one of the web's most widely used online electrician communities. Electrical professionals, business owners, industry veterans, handymen, DIYers, and DIY homeowners converge on the electricians subreddit to discuss all things related to residential electrical work.

9. IBEW Media Center

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) represents more than 750,000 workers and retirees across various electrical professions in the U.S. and Canada. The IBEW Media Center regularly updates its online content with IBEW news, local interest stories featuring electrical workers, and perspective on national headlines poised to impact the industry.

10. Mike Holt's Forum

Mike Holt Enterprises provides an educational training service for those looking to join the industry as a professional electrician or experienced contractors seeking free resources for continued education. The Mike Holt Forum stays active with discussions between seasoned electricians, inspectors, engineers, and those on their journey to becoming an electrical contractor.

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11. ElectricalWiki Electrical Blog

A more technical blog geared toward electrical engineers and experienced electricians, ElectricalWiki offers articles on the design, installation, testing and commissioning of electrical equipment and systems. Started in November 2019, this newer electrical blog adds posts a couple of times a week. 

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Electrician Training Blogs

12. Electrical Career Now Blog

Electrical Career Now is an online educational portal for those interested in a new career as an electrician, or as an electrical engineer or mechanic, lineman, or electrical systems technician. The organization provides helpful articles about working in the electrical field and partners with local trade schools and training programs to promote jobs and educational opportunities available in the industry. It’s a great resource to share with those on your team interested in pursuing additional training or to brush up on the basics.

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13. Electrician Apprentice HQ

Electrician Apprentice Headquarters provides a streamlined online resource for those who want to become an electrician apprentice. While the website, started by a master electrician, dedicates content to helping newcomers find a foothold when entering an electrical career, the Electrician Apprentice HQ blog also features electrical product reviews, best practices, industry news, and trends.

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The #1 newsletter for the trades.

14.  Electrician Mentor

Started by a Master Electrician to encourage and teach aspiring electrical students how to become an electrician, the Electrician Mentor also posts relevant content to help established electricians pick the best tools and electrical products for the job. 

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Service Contractor Blogs & Electrician Forums

15. ServiceTitan Tools

Home and commercial service contractors turn to ServiceTitan’s cloud-based business software to streamline operations, increase profits, and achieve scalable growth. With a focus on the core trades of electrical contracting, HVAC, and plumbing, along with a number of other service industries, ServiceTitan regularly publishes blogs, webinars, podcasts, and interactive tools to help contractors improve their business results across the board. 

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16. Service Nation Blog

The country's largest private organization of contractors, Service Nation provides electrical, plumbing, solar, and HVAC professionals the resources they need to thrive in the service contractor marketplace. The association's blog includes topics relevant to business owners across all home services sectors, including electricians, and frequently dives into industry-specific subjects.

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17. Contractor Talk Electrical Forum

Contractor Talk, the sister site of Electrician Talk, offers one of the most comprehensive online contractor hubs with dedicated forums for various trades and disciplines. Well-populated with experienced electricians and industry veterans, the Electrical Forum gives industrial insights and expert advice on a wide array of different electrical contracting topics.

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18. Success Group International

Electricians’ Success International, one of four home service contractor groups served by Success Group International, is a membership organization committed to helping residential electricians improve their businesses. The SGI Resources page offers free tips, tools, and industry insights for business owners and company leaders on topics ranging from customer service and management techniques to scheduling best practices and sales training.

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19. Nexstar Blog

A prominent member-owned organization for independent home service professionals, Nexstar Network focuses on education and business networking opportunities for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC contractors. The Nexstar blog gives business advice, profiles successful contractors, and offers other free resources to help electricians improve their business and stay engaged with the industry.

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20. HouseRepair Talk Electrical and Wiring Forum

HouseRepairTalk hosts an online forum for homeowners and contractors to discuss various types of home repairs and residential construction projects. The website’s Electrical and Wiring section, which features more than 16,500 comments on nearly 2,000 posts, offers an interactive platform for electricians and homeowners who want to save money to talk about their electrical projects, questions, and wiring woes.

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Electrical Contractor Supplier Blogs

21. LED Lighting Supply Blog

If you're an electrician who frequently installs LED lighting or retrofits old lighting fixtures, you will likely find the LED Lighting Supply blog to be a helpful online resource. As a commercial LED distributor for more than a decade, LED Lighting Supply provides useful articles and product reviews on LED technology for electrical contractors and commercial construction professionals.

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22. Klein Tools Blog

Klein Tools manufactures a long-trusted line of tools and hardware especially for skilled trade professionals, with a focus on electrical and utility applications. The Klein Tools blog, published four times a month, tackles various electrical industry trends and topics, covering everything from on-the-job safety to industry news, trade trends, and more.

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23. Lighting Supply Blog

Lighting Supply, a national lighting distributor that sells a wide array of electrical accessories and tools, offers an informative Learning Center and comprehensive blog on its website. The Lighting Supply blog features useful information for electrical contractors who want to brush up on lighting principles, read new product reviews, and learn about other topics related to light bulbs and lighting.

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24. Electrical Marketing

Electrical Marketing offers high-level news, product reviews, profiles, and other content on electrical technology and economic trends. While the website targets electrical manufacturers and distributors and requires a $99 subscription to access premium marketing data and reports, it also provides a tremendous trove of free resources for professional electricians looking for insights on upcoming events, manufacturer mergers, product releases, and deals related to the electrical service industry.

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25. VitalStorm Blog

VitalStorm helps businesses measure their online metrics to better generate leads, optimize digital marketing efforts, and boost revenue. Electrical contractors and business owners can find approachable, actionable insights on SEO, digital advertising, website performance, content marketing, and social media to make sure their service company’s online presence follows best practices.

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26. Mr. Electric Blog

Mr. Electric, a global franchise organization focused on electrical installation and repairs, services residential and commercial customers in nearly 200 locations in the United States and worldwide. The Mr. Electric blog mainly caters to homeowners and business owners seeking electrical solutions, and showcases excellent content topics local licensed electricians could find useful. 

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27. Mister Sparky Expert Tips

Another leading electrical service franchise company, Mister Sparky, regularly posts useful content on the company’s main website, under the Expert Tips section. The Mister Sparky blog covers 15 different consumer categories, writing on everything from energy efficiency and safety tips to electrical wiring, light fixtures, and electrical repair.  

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28. Root Electric Blog

The family-owned and operated team at Root Electric in Northern Virginia provides commercial and residential electrical services. The small business excels at content marketing, constantly posting helpful blogs and videos for customers on topics ranging from electrical safety and repair tips for homeowners on common electrical problems to energy conservation in commercial buildings.

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29. JDM Electrical Contractors Blog

The electricians at JDM Electrical Contractors serve residential and commercial customers in New Jersey and surrounding areas. The family-owned business operates three offices located throughout N.J., and publishes an informative electrical blog for customers that tackles topics like electrical hazards, electrical panel upgrades, and lighting suggestions.

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30. Hoffman Electrical & A/C Blog

Started in 1989, the family-owned and operated Hoffman Electrical & A/C staffs Florida locations in Tampa and St. Petersburg. It provides electrical and HVAC installation and repairs for residential and commercial customers. The company’s blog covers a variety of electrical topics in detail, such as the dangers of ungrounded outlets in homes and the importance of maintaining electrical equipment in commercial buildings. 

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