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Announcing ServiceTitan Marketing Pro - Direct Mail and Reputation

High performing contractors know that following up on every opportunity across multiple channels and maintaining a positive online reputation are critical to success. But when it comes to direct mail and managing the process of reviews and gathering actionable insights, these marketing best practices can be a challenge to follow. Marketing Pro is about to change all that.

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Top 15 Plumbing YouTube Channels for Industry Professionals

As a commercial and residential plumbing contractor, whether you’re an owner, manager or a solo everyday professional, you know how difficult it can be to stay on top of things, keep abreast of trends, and learn new tips and tricks from fellow pros.You want to grow your plumbing business, market it well, and be aware of all the trends affecting the plumbing industry.

3 Tools to Grow a Profitable Electrical Business

Master electrician Chris Crew explains how a digital price book, add-on sales, and free training can help grow your business. Crew explains how companies need to equip all service techs with modern business tools—such as training, software, and marketing plans—to really succeed.

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Best Time Clock Apps For Small Business Employee Time Tracking

Finding a new time clock app or looking for the first time can feel a bit like a wild goose chase. There are a ton of options to choose from and once you think you’ve found the best one, another timecard app with more bells and whistles presents itself. After researching the best time card app choices for small businesses, one thing is very clear, there is a seemingly never ending list of options. 

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Direct Mail Marketing for Contractors | How to Build Effective Campaigns

Home services businesses are focusing their marketing efforts on capturing an audience that’s more mobile than ever. Email, video, social media, and online search ads all present new opportunities for businesses to reach customers. You might be surprised to learn that direct mail marketing, which precedes digital channels, can actually increase your chances of getting in front of customers. In some cases, it’s more effective than many digital marketing methods. 

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12 Plumbing Technology Trends to Know for 2020

As a plumbing company, you want to offer your customers the best products and services to keep their plumbing systems running safely and efficiently. That means being in the know about new plumbing technology trends to better guide today’s tech-savvy residential and commercial clients. Smart home (and business) devices, including smart plumbing products, continue to rise in popularity

Casey’s Electric Puts Commercial Applications of ServiceTitan to the Test

When Michael Villa came onboard as vice president of Casey's Electric in San Diego, it was primarily a busy commercial/construction shop. After research, Villa decided to onboard the company to ServiceTitan, and he's helping ServiceTitan build and improve their platform.

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How to Streamline HVAC Service Agreements (With Free Template)

In today's day and age, a customer service agreement program is essential for HVAC companies. Without top-notch field management software to lean on, an effective program is awfully tough to implement. And for HVAC contractors looking to take the first step toward taking their customer service agreement membership program to the next level, our free PDF template is a great place to start.

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How to Respond to Negative and Positive Reviews | The Contractors Guide

A robust online presence on Google and other search engines is key to customers finding your business when they need home services. Once they find you, there’s a good chance they’ll also check your online reviews and how you respond to them. The topic of online reviews elicits passionate responses among home services business owners, depending on who you ask. Love them or hate them, one thing is certain — reviews aren’t going away. 

How to Fill the Technician Labor Gap 

As analysts predict more than 3 million openings in the skilled trades by 2028, service industry leaders need to step up and essentially fill the gap themselves by promoting the benefits of working as a service technician to a new generation. A recent ServiceTitan webinar covered ways ways to make the HVAC industry, as well as other jobs in the skilled trades, more attractive to young adults. 

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