State of Consumer Financing: Strategies to ensure homeowner purchasing power

May 9th 2024

Guest speakers
Alyssa Rogers

Vice President

Rogers Heating & Cooling

Justin Lloyd

Sales Manager

Rogers Heating & Cooling

Jared Berke

Senior Director, Strategic FinTech Go-to-Market


What you will learn:
  • Strategies to offer the right plans to the right customers while protecting margins

  • Technician best practices to lead with financing on every job

  • The macroeconomic conditions impacting your customers’ ability to say yes to big ticket jobs

  • A first look at innovative, new features for Integrated Financing, including new analytics tools to make your life easier

2024 is the year of customer financing for contractors. As homeowners tighten their belts, it’s up to contractors to make big ticket jobs more affordable by offering the right plans that give their customers purchasing power while protecting their margins.

That’s why we’ve asked the experts to join us on May 9 at 11 AM PST  to cover how contractors can adapt to changing times and lead with financing on every job that counts.

Rogers Heating & Cooling is in the 90th percentile of ServiceTitan customers when it comes to maximizing their financing strategy. They’ll cover how they got started with financing, challenges they faced, strategies for getting the right plans in front of the right customers, and how they train their technicians to lead with financing. Plus, the ServiceTitan FinTech team will give an inside look at what new features ServiceTitan is building to take Financing to the next level.