Winning the Google Smart Bidding Game

September 27th 2022

Guest speakers
Johnny Wenzel

Sr. Ad Ops Manager


What you will learn:
  • Why is Google pushing Smart Bidding?

  • Should contractors embrace it or resist it?

  • Is Smart Bidding right for everyone?

  • Are there any tactics that can help me win the Smart Bidding game?

Google Ads has always operated as an auction. Different businesses in an area say how much they are willing to pay (bid) for a click, and Google positions them on the search page accordingly. 

But Google has all but forced advertisers to use Smart Bidding in recent years, which gives the control to Google to select your bids for you. This has left many businesses and advertisers concerned about Smart Bidding.

Join the ServiceTitan Marketing Pro team for a live webinar where you’ll learn the ins and outs of Google Smart Bidding for contractors.

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