Unlock the Power of the ServiceTitan Community

October 13th 2022

Guest speakers
Angie Snow

Principal Industry Advisor at ServiceTitan and shop owner


Pam Duffy

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Powerhouse Consulting

Jessica Smith

Process Manager

Airworks Solutions

What you will learn:
  • How to stay in the know with Community-first and Community-exclusive news and content

  • How Community super users leverage its powerful features and how you and your team can do the same

  • How to use Community to build peer relationships and share ideas and advice with contractors in similar trades, regions, and more

The ServiceTitan Community is more than just a social group—it’s a place to find the knowledge you want and need, so your business can grow and thrive. 

But how exactly does it do that, and what does it offer that previous versions of Community couldn’t? We’re glad you asked! 

Join Jessica Woodruff Smith, Pam Duffy, and Angie Snow as they dive into what sets Community apart as a supportive space for contractors to ask questions and exchange ideas, find answers quickly, and shape the future of ServiceTitan.

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