The State of Private Equity in the Trades

November 9th 2021

Guest speakers
Fred Silberstein

President & CPA

SF&P Advisors

Brian Cohen

Business Strategist

SF&P Advisors

What you will learn:
  • A general understanding of Private Equity as an investment vehicle

  • Learn why Private Equity has taken such an interest in the trades

  • Industry outlook predictions based on the current heavy investment activity

  • Case study examples of Private Equity-backed success stories in the industry

  • And many other informative topics!

What do service giants like Goettl, Best Home Services, and Any Hour Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Air have in common? They leveraged private equity partnerships to achieve extraordinary business growth and unlock uncommon wealth.

Whether you dream to one day sell your service business for a profit, plan to partner with private equity firms to expand, or perhaps, are just looking to better understand the current M&A landscape in the trades, you won’t want to miss this insightful, live webinar with Fred Silberstein and Brian Cohen of SF&P Advisors.

Fred and his team have personally overseen $1.65B in transactions, while the firm itself has handled over 310 deals. Join Brian Cohen and Fred Silberstein live to unlock their expertise and prep yourself for potential future opportunities.

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