Preparing for Profit During Downturns

December 9th 2022

Guest speakers
Amanda Triolo


Grasshopper Heating & Cooling

Tom Howard

VP of Customer Experience


What you will learn:
  • How to take advantage of ServiceTitan features to boost profitability

  • How to use TitanAdvisor as a tool to implement best practices

  • How Amanda Triolo goes the next level with Marketing Pro

Economic downturns can be a time of great success with the right preparation. The best tools to leverage such successes are those that come at no additional cost to the business, and those include features inside of ServiceTitan that may unlock profitable business practices to help you navigate and excel through the anticipated and unexpected lows. 

Join Tom Howard, Vice President, of Customer Experience, in an interactive webinar, along with Amanda Triolo, CEO of Grasshopper Heating & Cooling, as they walk through best practices to implement inside ServiceTitan to easily affect your bottom line. 

Tom will also perform a live preparation account check during the webinar using TitanAdvisor and other tools within ServiceTitan for some attendees. Be among the first ten people to register and win the chance to have your account reviewed live.