Train Superstar CSRs with Phones Pro

December 9th 2021

Guest speakers
Shea Horner

Internal Technical Training Program Manager


Dayla Penn

Customer Experience Expert

Aire Serv, Jefferson City & Columbia

What you will learn:
  • See how managers can drop in and listen LIVE to coach in real-time

  • Check out how Voice Intelligence triggers automated prompts to help your CSRs ask the right questions and handle the call efficiently 

  • Learn how to set up disposition lists to get real-time alerts for immediate customer concerns

CSR superstars aren't born, they are trained. If you plan on growing your business in 2022, you can build a strong CSR team much faster and easier on Phones Pro.

CSRs have a big job to accomplish in a short phone call or text: delight customers, gather information and book calls. So, whether you’re opening a new location, offering a new service, or just growing your call center, training CSRs effectively remains a top priority for an evolving service business. 

Join Customer Experience expert, Dayla Penn of Aire Serv Jefferson City & Columbia, to learn how she uses Phones Pro to train CSRs on the job while providing exceptional customer service at the same time. Plus, get a peek at how Phones Pro delivers real-time metrics and tracks trends to help your call center run as efficiently as possible! Key takeaways:

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