How to Turn Your P&L into Action Items

September 8th 2022

Guest speakers
Jason Arthur


Eighty-Seven Degrees Coaching

What you will learn:
  • How to pull actionable insights from your P&L

  • How to implement this knowledge into your existing systems & processes

  • Tips for how to do all of this within ServiceTitan

Seasoned contractors know that regular profit and loss statements can tell you more than whether or not you made a profit. They hold invaluable insights that are critical to your service business’ success.

Jason Arthur, ServiceTitan Certified Partner and Owner of Eighty-Seven Degrees Coaching, has a talent for turning data into actionable insights. In his twenty-year tenure in the trades, he’s helped businesses grow by millions of dollars using simple data points to identify areas of risk and opportunities in an organization.

Join Jason for this free webinar, where he’ll share the steps he uses to distill everyday financials into a global business strategy that can take your business to the next level.