New Feature in a Nutshell: Technician Rankings

April 5th 2024

Guest speakers
Juliette Armour-Wilson

Principal Product Manager


What you will learn:
  • The new technician KPIs available to track technician performance

  • How to control reporting timeframes for different use cases like onboarding vs. performance management

  • Next steps to get started today

Have 8 minutes to learn how to level up your reporting?

We’re unveiling advanced technician reporting - available only in Dispatch Pro - to help unlock new insights into your technicians’ performance with key performance metrics like conversion rates and average ticket size by tech.

In this 8-minute On-Demand Webinar, Anya Singer, Group Product Manager, and Juliette Armour-Wilson, Principal Product Manager give a high-level overview of these new KPIs, how to access them, and how you can apply them to your business.