How to Protect Company-Owned Phones & Tablets: Mobile Device Management 101 for Service Businesses

February 13th 2020

Guest speakers
Richard Kohberger

Blue Collar Nerd


What you will learn:
  • What defines a mobile device management (MDM) program

  • Why you should be using one at your paperless company

  • The different ways to set up your devices with an MDM program

  • How Richard has implemented MDM programs at other service companies

Nowadays, a technician’s tablet is just as important as their toolkit. But while mobile devices make invoicing customers and recording job histories easier than ever, service businesses are facing a new challenge: 

How do I prevent my employees from turning company-owned tablets into their own personal entertainment center?

Join Richard Kohberger, the Blue Collar Nerd, and ServiceTitan on Thursday, February 13th to learn how you can safeguard your company’s phones and tablets from data-draining Netflix binges with a mobile device management program—all while lowering equipment costs, reducing security risks, and improving your employee workflows at the same time.

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