Live Webinar | Spring into Action: Using ServiceTitan’s Benchmark Report for Business Resilience

May 2nd 2024

Guest speakers
Chris Hunter

Principal Industry Advisor


Deanna Kawasaki

Sr. Director of Product, Titan Intelligence


What you will learn:
  • Get the latest update on trends to date and shifts in the economy and consumer behavior that impact your business

  • See how you can leverage the Spring edition of the Benchmark Report, powered by Titan Intelligence to see where your business stands

  • Get insight into practical action steps, strategies, and ServiceTitan features your business can adopt to help increase booking rates and revenue

Spring may be here, but consumer confidence still remains stalled. Join ServiceTitan’s Deanna Kawasaki and Chris Hunter to discuss where contractors should focus their efforts when faced with the strain felt by consumers who continue to face higher prices, more debt, and a growing anxiety over the upcoming election.

Learn how to spring into  action by leveraging ServiceTitan’s personalized Spring Benchmark Report powered by Titan Intelligence to see where your business stands. Gain valuable insights into what your business can do using ServiceTitan to optimize performance and navigate the current environment.