How to Exceed Customer Expectations & Increase Revenue

February 11th 2020

Guest speakers
Stephanie Reuter

Director of Customer Opportunities

[COMPANY] Aquarius Home Services

What you will learn:
  • What investment ServiceTitan is making for the water treatment industry and Kinetico dealers today and in the future

  • What the transition is like for a business coming from legacy water treatment software or pen and paper to a modern service software built for the trades

  • How you can use new data and insights to automate tasks and achieve revenue growth and profitability

  • How technicians and sales personnel can easily use a mobile app to be more thorough, service-oriented and close higher-ticket opportunities

How would you like to grow your water treatment business? Stephanie Reuter of Aquarius Home Services—#2 in the nation for Kinetico warranty points—is here to tell you how they grew by 26% in just one year!

Join Clint Smith of ServiceTitan as he interviews Stephanie on how she leveraged ServiceTitan to rapidly accelerate her company’s growth while streamlining operations and delighting homeowners at the same time! 

Learn how ServiceTitan is serving 4,000 customers across the trades and what they’ve been building just for Kinetico dealers just like you!

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