10 Tips for Hiring Techs in 2022

February 24th 2022

Guest speakers
Jody Underhill


Rapid Hire Pro

What you will learn:
  • Why your current hiring strategy probably isn’t working

  • How to adjust your job postings to attract top talent

  • Strategies for building a great place to work

  • How ServiceTitan can support this process

If you ask any service entrepreneur what their biggest challenge is, chances are they’ll say: hiring. While various organizations are doing their best to solve the labor shortage trades, it does little to help operators who are struggling to grow today. 

Join ServiceTitan and Jody Underhill of RapidHirePro.com to learn how you can market your company to attract and retain the best talent in your service area. Plus, get insight into the company benefits and culture that support steady growth.

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