Dispatch Pro: The Future of Dispatching is Here

July 20th 2023

Guest speakers
Anya Singer

Principal Product Manager


Brett Kawanami

Strategic Pro Account Manager


What you will learn:
  • Insight into Dispatch Pro’s algorithm and what factors go into the calculation.

  • How Dispatch Pro frees up time for your dispatchers to focus on your techs and customer experience.

  • See how customers utilize Dispatch Pro to grow revenue, save time, and provide a world-class customer experience.

Dispatch Pro, powered by Titan Intelligence, uses a machine learning algorithm to automatically dispatch technicians and maximize profit daily. Using this technology, Dispatch Pro simulates thousands of scenarios based on tech sales performance, skills, drive time, shifts, job types, and other factors to ensure you get the right tech to the right job. Join our unveiling and take a first-look at the future of dispatching.