What’s New in Fleet Pro: A Year in Review

April 30th 2024

Guest speakers
Tyler Forcum

Principal Product Manager


Alli Mincher

Product Marketing Manager


What you will learn:
  • All the new features that have been added to Fleet Pro over the past year

  • How to minimize risk and improve efficiency through GPS timekeeping, maintenance reminders, and asset tracking

  • A first look at the all-new reporting function for Fleet Pro, coming in 2024

Fleet Pro’s first birthday is right around the corner. That’s why we asked Tyler Forcum, Principal Product Manager and mastermind behind Fleet Pro, to sit down and talk about its first year: from its baby step in infancy to new feature launches in its youth, to the hundreds of ServiceTitan customers it’s benefited in its early adolescence, plus what’s on the roadmap as it reaches maturity.