Commit to Win: Operational Strategies for Capitalizing on Every Lead

February 8th 2024

Guest speakers
Deanna Kawasaki

Sr. Director of Product, Titan Intelligence


Tom Howard

VP of Customer Experience


What you will learn:
  • Gain valuable data-driven insights from your personalized Benchmark Report

  • Maximize conversion of leads to booked jobs to revenue by optimizing key conversion points along the funnel

  • Improve productivity and operational efficiency with ServiceTitan core features and Pro Products.

2023 proved to be a challenging year for many contractors, with growth rates returning to pre-Covid levels. The outlook for 2024 remains uncertain, so positioning your company to stay competitive is crucial.

For the resilient trade industry, this means getting back to basics - but faster, better and smarter than before. Contractors that commit to win by focusing on increasing operational efficiency and productivity will be the ones to move their businesses forward.

Join Tom Howard, Vice President of Customer Experience and Deanna Kawasaki, Senior Director of Product as they review the Year End 2023 Benchmark Report  and provide winning strategies for the year ahead.

Bonus: All registrants for the live webinar will be eligible to receive a special Addendum to their Benchmark Report. Don’t miss out on this valuable data!