How to Be a World-Class Remote Leader

April 23rd 2020

Guest speakers
Keith Mercurio

Director of Executive Success


What you will learn:
  • How to define the kind of leader you want to be and how to mindfully put that into practice

  • The importance of educating your team to be who they are rather than what they do

  • Practical tips for leading effectively and successfully while remote

Join us for a LIVE, interactive webinar during which Keith Mercurio, Director of Leadership Development at Radiant, will share his leadership philosophies and how they can be applied to the unfamiliar realm of remote leadership.

Please note: this webinar is one of many ServiceTitan will produce to support our community during the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have any tips, ideas, or best practices you would like to share to help your fellow contractors, please email covid@servicetitan.com.

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