Use the Force: Building a Successful Marketing Pro Campaign

May 4th 2023

Guest speakers
Pam Duffy

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Powerhouse Consulting

What you will learn:
  • How one-time and automated campaigns work in Marketing Pro

  • The power of the Audience Builder

  • How to build and launch a “Happy Birthday Equipment” campaign in Marketing Pro

  • Other ideas for summer campaigns

Use the Force on May the Fourth and become a Marketing Pro Jedi!

What is the force that makes Marketing Pro so powerful? Join Pam Duffy from Powerhouse Consulting Group for this live webinar as she walks through how to use Marketing Pro’s Audience Builder. Together, we’ll use the force to create a highly targeted audience and campaign proven to be successful. Get ready to build your own “Happy Birthday Equipment” campaign that you will feel confident to launch by the end of the webinar.