Beyond Plumbing: How One Company Expanded to Electrical and HVAC with ServiceTitan

October 25th 2021

Guest speakers
Russell Furr


Culpeper Home Services

What you will learn:
  • What marketing strategies to use to “soft open” new services in your market

  • How to quickly set up and customize Pricebook Pro when launching a new service

  • Get a sneak peek at new features coming to Pricebook Pro

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn how you can open new divisions with our entrepreneur extraordinaire host, Russell Furr, owner of Culpeper Home Services.

Since opening his doors in January 2018, Furr has stuck to his mission of providing excellent service to the residents of Culpeper County. Although the company operates in a traditionally “small” market, owner Russell Furr has leveraged unique marketing tactics and ServiceTitan technology to expand his once plumbing-only operation, to opening HVAC and electrical departments in just a few years.

Join Russell, and members of our Growth Product Team, to learn how Russell leveraged Pricebook Pro and Marketing Pro to achieve small market dominance. Plus, learn what new features are coming to Pricebook Pro!

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