Adapting to the Tide: Succeed Through Shifting Economic, Consumer, and Labor Trends

November 16th 2023

Guest speakers
Chris Hunter

Principal Industry Advisor


Deanna Kawasaki

Sr. Director of Product, Titan Intelligence


What you will learn:
  • Get a better understanding of recent trends and shifts in the economy, consumer behavior, and labor market trends that impact your business

  • Get insight into practical action steps, strategies, and tools your business can deploy to adapt to the recent shifts in our economic environment

  • Plus, see how you can leverage the new Benchmark Report, powered by Titan Intelligence to see where your business stands

Don't miss this exclusive webinar with Chris Hunter, Principal Industry Advisor, at ServiceTitan and Deanna Kawasaki, Senior Director of Product Management at ServiceTitan.

We’ll discuss the most recent economic shifts, changing consumer buying behaviors, the most recent reports on the labor market, and other factors such as how inflation and weather have been impacting the trades. Learn how to leverage ServiceTitan’s personalized Benchmark Report powered by Titan Intelligence to see where your business stands. Gain valuable insights into what your business can do to navigate the constantly changing environment so you can stay ahead of the trends.