Moving Forward: Optimize your Business for a Post-COVID World

May 1st 2020

Guest speakers
Susan Frew


Sunshine Plumbing Heating & Air

Josh Campbell


Rescue Air

What you will learn:
  • What virtual and technological processes to continue for the health and safety of your employees and customers

  • Long-term changes to implement within your operations, marketing, and sales workflows to adapt to the “new normal”

  • Predictions for future trends in hiring and selling

Both Susan Frew and Josh Campbell know a thing or two about scaling a sustainable service business. Since their respective states were put in lockdown, the two quickly adapted to the new normal, continuing to capitalize on their businesses’ reputation, talent, and team in new and innovative ways.

Join our LIVE discussion to learn what new tactics, processes, and operations these two contractors discovered while sheltering-in-place and how they plan to leverage them as we adapt to the “new normal”

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